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Devotion and Lineage- Lotus Garden – 2-19-12 (AM)- Lopon Jann Jackson

Good morning everyone. So this morning we did a session of shamatha as a way of reminding ourselves that without the foundation of stable calm attention, simply learning produces a lot of mental excitement. 3,286 more words

Dharma Teachings

The Two Faces of Dharma

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?  

Mary Oliver

Is there a person who hasn’t asked herself, “What is the purpose of my life?” Or, “Why am I here?”
    In seeking to know my own purpose, or why I am here, what I shall do with my “… one wild and precious life…”, I’ve gone down many avenues. 1,385 more words

Existential Ambiguity 5.5: Consciousness, Perception & Feeling

Wettimuny’s The Buddha’s Teaching and the Ambiguity of Existence is one of those rare and important books that everyone needs, if only they knew it. It builds a bridge between the most important thoughts and thinkers of the east and west: the Existentialists in the west, and the Buddha in the east. 59 more words


The Spirit Medicine of Mount Shasta...

I heard the call and I answered. The mountain, she rang again. It had been almost 5 years since my first visit to Mount Shasta, which was auspicious in itself, but this current visit was to be of another nature. 1,070 more words


The Tapas of Radical Self-Care

This month at Unfold, the yoga therapy studio I teach at here in Portland our theme is tapas. Tapas is Sanskrit for the trifecta of heat, discipline and passion. 218 more words


¿con qué llenamos nuestro viaje en la tierra?

Cada uno de nosotros es libre de llenar su tiempo de viaje en la tierra con lo que quiera.

A mí, me suena bien llenarlo con agradecimiento, compasión, comprensión de las cosas como son t muchos momentos presentes vividos al 100%. 125 more words


As our hearts open to deeper understanding...

As our hearts open to deeper understanding, our circle of compassion naturally enlarges and spontaneously begins to include more and more “others” — not just our own tribe, sect, nation, or race, but all human beings, and not just humans, but other mammals, and birds, fish, forests, and the whole beautifully interwoven tapestry of living, pulsing creation. 281 more words