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LOTUS BORN, SUN BRED (for Sharma Rinpoche (1952-2014)

As day breaks on Swayambhu hill,
immovable stone
decapitated by the mist

jumps from its god-shapes.
Or is this just a band of monkeys… 95 more words


Right View / Right Understanding

Right View is to understand that suffering is like an ocean,
With so many different streams that flow into it,
Understanding that its source is our actions. 321 more words

A Simple Student

On Wednesday the 30th, quite the surprisingly controversial positing went live.  I had no idea that it would be so popular.  Some people took it as I was trying to create a new teaching, a pseudo form, or bastardized form of the Dharma.  290 more words


Hinduism and Happiness

I am no expert on Hinduism, just as I am no expert on Buddhism. I am simply curious about other religions and philosophies about life. From what I have read, Hinduism, which has its roots in India, very much parallels the teachings of the West regarding the attainment of happiness. 212 more words

Great patience of the Bodhisattva Great Strength

August 8, 2014 is the birthday of Bodhisattva Great Strength; happy birthday Bodhisattva Great Strength. The Bodhisattva got his name because of his great mental strength in being patient, the unmoving substance of a Buddha. 128 more words


What if things weren't empty?

If things were not empty,
Then there would be neither achievement of that which has not been achieved;
Nor the act of ending suffering;
Nor the abandonment of all of the afflictions. 13 more words

Daily Dharma Quotes

Day 212 "Dharma"

“Let’s start by completing this reading and writing survey,” I suggested to the tall, lanky young man who had recently been placed in my care. Uncertain as to whether or not he had any literacy skills, I offered to read over the lists with him. 826 more words