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Street-Smart Buddhism: Tools to Find Your Way Home

By: David Xi-Ken Astor, Sensei

We speak so often in our teaching about the core principles of Buddhism. If not directly, then by example. By now, many of you should be familiar with the awakened teachings of Siddhartha Gotama, the principle of the Four Ennobling Truths, the Eightfold Path, impermanence, not-self, the principle of interdependent co-origination (or dependent origination), to name a few. 2,061 more words

The higher the View...

The higher the View, the more careful the conduct…

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Zen and the Not-Two

Zen and the Not-Two


Jason Giannetti

The Western philosophical tradition has long been known for its reliance on dualistic distinctions. From the time that Aristotle articulated the Principle of Non-contradiction as the fundamental principle of thought, Western philosophy has been rigorous in its pursuit of discovering Truth through the instrument of logic and its dualistic structure.  1,813 more words


All beings can be buddhas.

The most sublime and consummate siddhis
are not the result of effort and striving,
and so whoever encounters this approach will certainly gain freedom.
Therefore, the great perfection does not require that anything be done… 63 more words

Daily Dharma Quotes

bendy, stretchy, zen

I’m not the most flexible person I know. Not even close. I can touch my toes but can I do a split? Gimme a break. Too many years of running and not stretching before or after have left a legacy of tight hips and hamstrings. 333 more words

The Life

Vajrasattva mantra.

The hundred syllable mantra is the quintessence of the mind of all the Sugatas.
It purifies all violations, all breaches, all conceptual elaborations.
It is the supreme confession, and to recite it one hundred and eight times… 84 more words

Daily Dharma Quotes