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Dear Mr. President

Tadi saya nonton liputan Bapak Presiden baru kita, Joko Widodo, lagi ramah tamah dengan John Kerry, menteri luar negeri AS. Apa yang diobrolin tentu saja nggak kedengeran. 333 more words


gaia's shooting

Hi girls!

I’m gaia, black & white always makes pics better! But, keep serious.. I’ll be the model of the blog, Gian will make outfits with my face and body! 73 more words


Park avenue nail polish - review

Omg, this nail polish is great! It’s now almost 5 days that I’m wearing it and it has only chipped a little bit. To be honest, some of the Essie or O.P.I. 331 more words


The AR

Did you know that the AR-15 (and similar rifles like the AR-10) has an expansion chamber for the gas to flow into when the gun is fired? 171 more words

Data Interpretation - Strategy

When attempting a test like the CAT, a fair number of people follow the (mindless) strategy of “attempt question 1, move to question 2 only after that is done, then question 3…” 1,020 more words


The Centre Cannot Hold

When William Butler Yeats wrote those words in his poem, “The Second Coming,” he probably didn’t think about how they would resonate with writers–or at least this writer. 545 more words

Writing Pointers