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Do You Judge An Author By His Or Her Genre?

You’d be surprised how many people make assumptions about authors’ personalities based on their works’ genre. Horror writers have dark, twisted minds and are capable of committing the atrocities they write about. 505 more words


Honest to blog: my wacky, withstanding film favorite

Juno, Jason Reitman

Candy Girl, Diablo Cody

The first time I saw “Juno” was as a fresh-faced, preteen ding-a-ling.

Of course, fresh-faced is a manner of speech reserved more for my youthful facial features than the acne splattering my face like a Jackson Pollack made of Ragu, but the description remains accurate nonetheless. 582 more words


Messages from Friends

Everyone’s getting excited about The Imaginary Book Tour! Screenwriter #DiabloCody sent me a message today! I can’t wait to get started. This is going to be the book tour to end all book tours… 33 more words


Young Adult (2011)

“It’s really difficult for me to be happy. And then for other people it just seems so simple. I know. They just grow up and they’re so fulfilled. 586 more words