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Dreamcast memories - Record of Lodoss War

In March, 2001, Sega announced that the Dreamcast would end production signalling the final nail in the coffin for their last, albeit technically advanced, push for a piece of the console pie. 1,864 more words


cutting metal roofing

cutting metal roofing I have two Diablo metal blades. One thin curf for roofing, and a HD that I use to cut up the 3/16 sheet metal stock with my rt-angMore Heritage Roofing Heritage Roofing is located in Baldwinsville, NY. 85 more words

"IT department, have you turned it off then on again?"

I want to quit my job, I really do. I’ll be honest, I won’t be climbing up the ladder, there is no ladder, it’s just a stool with one step. 417 more words


Fantasy Worlds and Nekkid Ladies

Been doing a lot of quick sketchy stuff lately that’s heavily inspired by some of my favourite types of games – isometric dungeon crawlers, my first true love in gaming. 40 more words


Diablo! (Day 11 of 365)

Another shot involving my favourite passtime of Video Games.

I played around with the noise and lighting on this to try and create something a little more interesting.



Being ill is not advised...

After a good few weeks battling a nasty little cold/flu, I think I can say I’m on the up and up. You see, I’m very stubborn. 568 more words


Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls thoughts

Years ago when Diablo 3 launched around May 2012 we were presented with a game that was fun for its sheer difficulty and yet annoying for its horrendous loot system. 954 more words