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One-Off Ice Blue Lamborghini Diablo GT Spotted For Sale In Japan

A rare Lamborghini Diablo GT was spotted for sale in Japan. Only 80 Lamborghini Diablo GTs were made in total exclusively for the European market but a few were shipped abroad to the United States and Asia. 111 more words


"Friday Favourites" launches with five luscious summer cocktails including the Diablo and Heindrick's Mule

Today marks the launch of a new regular feature called Friday Favourites which profiles homefront items so awesome they’re a favourite, from fabulous cookbooks to thought provoking documentaries to wickedly effective cleaning products to the best-kicking-back-and-chillaxing lounge wear (that’s right, I said “lounge wear”). 624 more words

Why Diablo III Is Such A Great Game!

Why is Diablo III such a successful game even today, 3 years after its initial release?  Because of the great replayability that Diablo III offers. 405 more words


Path of Exile Ep. 1 - Computer Issues...

For starting up Path of Exile today, I played surprisingly little of it.

For those who don’t know, Path of Exile is an online MMORPG that is very similar in style and combat to the… 250 more words


Bane of the Trapped: PTR 2.1 Legendary Gem D3:RoS

I’ve discussed the Bane of the Powerful on a previous post. And this one is sort of similar to that gem. 20% extra damage to EVERYTHING. 113 more words

Legendary Gems

Mirinae: PTR 2.1 Legendary Gem D3:RoS

First let me say 1000% smite damage looks like a lot, but a 15% chance kind of balances out the gem. Unless this procs on skill hits… Does this also proc Area Damage? 39 more words

Legendary Gems

Bane of the Powerful: PTR 2.1 Legendary Gem D3:RoS

This is one of those all around gems you might consider ranking up. 20% increase damage against elites might not seem much, but remember, 15% increase was a 3 pc set bonus on Aughilds.   33 more words

Legendary Gems