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Sensitivity and specificity

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If you are reading about diagnostic tests you will often come across the terms sensitivity and specificity which are a measure of the performance of the test given a particular interpretation (cut-off). 122 more words


Another busy week...

I suppose I’ll have to get used to the endless visits to the hospital. I’m only hoping that the number of appointments per week will drop slightly once my treatment plan is in place. 395 more words

Breast Cancer

Catching a break

My CT results came back today. My hematologist called me from a private number on a Sunday morning to share the results with me.

The good news is that the scan revelead that there are no additional tumors in either of my breasts, so that’s indicative that the cancer hasn’t metastasized. 186 more words

Breast Cancer

More Diagnostics

I had a CT scan today. It’s been nearly twelve hours since the scan, and I still have this horrible metallic taste in my mouth, seemingly residing permanently in the back of my throat. 461 more words

Breast Cancer

A new test may help breast cancer patients most at risk

Radio National Health Report Norman Swan Marsha Rosner 14 July 2014

A new test has the potential to help physicians identify patients with the most lethal forms of triple-negative breast cancer. 28 more words

Clinical Pathology

Researchers invent a microchip to diagnose type 1 diabetes

ScienceAlert Australia Gabriella Munoz 14 July 2014

Diagnosing type 1 diabetes has never been easier thanks to a new device that, when approved, could have a production cost of US$20.  39 more words

Clinical Pathology


I can’t pinpoint the exact date I knew something was wrong with me. I remember waking up one morning and seeing  a spot of blood on my white sheets. 446 more words

Breast Cancer