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Ebola crisis: health authorities say faster and cheaper test to be rolled out in March 2015

ABC News Lexi Metherell 20 November 2014

A faster and cheaper test to diagnose Ebola is expected to be available by March, health authorities say. 44 more words

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Cochrane resources on mouth cancer

November is Mouth Cancer Action Month, and the Cochrane Oral Health Group has a range of systematic reviews dedicated to the topic. Mouth cancer can affect anybody; in the UK more than 6,700 people were diagnosed with the condition last year, and more than 2,000 people died from the disease, more than testicular and cervical cancer combined. 706 more words

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Myriad myPathâ„¢ Melanoma improves diagnosis and treatment plans

(Myriad Genetics, Inc. 7 November 2014) Results from a prospective clinical utility study of the Myriad myPath Melanoma test presented at the 2014 American Society of Dermatopathology annual meeting found a 43 percent reduction in indeterminate diagnoses and a 49 percent change in physicians’ treatment recommendations for patients.

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Cochrane Review of RDT for diagnosis of drug resistant TB

(Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine 30 October 2014) Researchers from the Cochrane Infectious Diseases Group, hosted at LSTM, have conducted an independent review to examine the diagnostic accuracy of the GenoType® MTBDRsl assay for the detection of resistance to second-line anti-tuberculosis drugs. 15 more words

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'Treasure in saliva' may reveal deadly diseases early enough to treat them

(University of California – Los Angeles 29 October 2014) UCLA research could lead to a simple saliva test capable of diagnosing — at an early stage — diabetes and cancer, and perhaps neurological disorders and autoimmune diseases.The study, the most comprehensive analysis ever conducted of RNA molecules in human saliva, reveals that saliva contains many of the same disease-revealing molecules that are contained in blood. 15 more words

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Quote by Harrison, 1950

No greater opportunity, responsibility, or obligation can fall to the lot of a human being than to become a physician. In the care of the suffering, (the physician) needs technical skills, scientific knowledge, and human understanding…Tact, sympathy and understanding are expected of the physician, for the patient is no mere collection of symptoms, signs, disordered functions, damaged organs, and disturbed emotions.

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Researchers develop new DNA sequencing method to diagnose tuberculosis

(PeerJ 23 September 2014) Researchers working in the UK and The Gambia, have developed a new approach to the diagnosis of tuberculosis (TB) that relies on direct sequencing of DNA extracted from sputum — a technique called metagenomics — to detect and characterize the bacteria that cause TB without the need for time-consuming culture of bacteria in the laboratory.

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