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The Embarrassing Immature Allure of the Funny Filthy Ditty

And here’s a crude diagram to illustrate:

Sorry about the fold down the centre. It’s not a centrefold, I promise. Thankfully I’ve grown up slightly since I was eighteen and now I can do no wrong. 8 more words

Plot-Holes: Writing out of a Rut

As I stared into the depths of my laptop yesterday, determined to write something substantial before succumbing to nine hours of football, I finally accepted the humiliating truth: I’ve reached the dreaded mid-plot slump in “Blue Karma”. 322 more words

Blue Karma

Creative Solutions: Project ; week 1

When starting this new topic we were given the problem of, ‘Things coming together,’ we were asked to create a 15 second film in 4 weeks using Maya. 136 more words


Field of View: Part 1

One thing I get asked a lot is how does hemianopsia differ from being blind in one eye? It’s a good question because it is really not obvious. 842 more words


Anatomy of an Acorn

First graders have been working on their painting skills by learning to use value to show form. We also integrated their lesson of labeling things in a scientific diagram by learning about and labeling the parts on an acorn. 6 more words

1st Grade

The Life Diagram

I have a question for you: what’s the center of your life? What is your primary purpose, the thing about which you care the most? That person, achievement, or possession you’d do anything, sacrifice anything, to get or keep? 498 more words