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Organic semigroup theory: ferns growing in the Jones/Temperley-Lieb monoid

What is the interesting part of doing science? When a new idea, or some new technology enable us to see some unexpected connection between seemingly unrelated areas. 524 more words


Shelf clouds, mammatus, gust fronts, oh my!

What an ominous sight heading your way! Kevin Sheely captured this incredible shot of a shelf cloud near Warrenville, Illinois. On this day, numerous storms moved into and formed within Illinois. 644 more words


Argument Diagrams

Until this special moment in time, we have seen arguments in their everyday, paragraphic form and in a formal ‘standard from’. But did you know that arguments can be expressed as diagrams too? 161 more words


The Body: Abridged

I drew these diagrams for a summer camp at Science AL!VE. Can you name all of the body parts?

My-Work Mondays

Mushing in Real Life: Which type of dog would you be in a musher's team?

If you happen to drop by our site mushers.wordpress.com, you may wonder why we call ourselves Musher’s. Something made up? Family name?

In case you don’t know, a mush means a journey across snow with a dog sled. 622 more words