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Instruction Manual

For the back of my invite I have intended to have instructions for the recipient of how they use the paper building parts to construct their own miniature Design Museum. 230 more words

Semester 1 Studio Module

Asian parenting (un)encouragement stickers

I should sell actual stickers of these. I’d make bank. Oh wait, Asian parents would just print bootleg ones at home.

And now the beautiful… 9 more words


Vintage Photos for Inspiration: Bodice Alterations 2

Most of us don’t stand this erect, or wear our garments this tight.  I’ve never seen this problem.  Have you?


Sewing Tips And Hints

Vintage Photos for Inspiration: Hook and Eye Plackets

How do you keep hook and eye closures from popping open?

Alternate the hook and eye closures, a hook then an eye.  This way, the two will pull in opposite directions and help keep the others latched. 18 more words

Sewing Tips And Hints

Vintage Photos for Inspiration: Waist Band Insert

What is going on here?  This is a tried and true couture technique.  It helps dresses with heavy skirts from slipping down over the hips. 19 more words

Sewing Tips And Hints

The Love Formula

Here is a diagram that is pretty interesting to contemplate. I’m not usually into math, but this is a pretty fascinating way to explain what love is. 142 more words


Vintage Photos for Inspiration: Suit Lining

Why do we try to do everything by machine?  If we design a pleat into the shoulder of a jacket, and stitch out the fullness, the lining will be so much more comfortable.


Sewing Tips And Hints