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Unique Power Sets and Superhuman "Copyright".

Anyone want to listen to me complain more about super heroes? No? Bah, too bad.

Part of the draw of super heroes involves their uniqueness, e.g. 1,001 more words


Dial H for Whiteout, Death Notes, and Fashion Beasts (aka comic tings)

I am not good at a lot of lady things and growing my nails is one of them For the first time in a while, I have a wee bit of growth on all of my nails (they will probably all break tomorrow) therefore typing this is very weird to me. 956 more words

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Dial H review — #5: Disconnected

WARNING: SPOILERS! (Review index)

Now, after that prologue interlude, we come to issue #5, the end of the Abyss arc at last. At the end of issue #4, Nelson, The Squid and Manteau found themselves in a face-off with Ex Nihilo, now wielding her own dial (and currently “wearing” a hero made up of Swiss army knives). 1,743 more words

China Miéville

Dial H review — #0: Sundial H For Hero

WARNING: SPOILERS! (Review index)

Well, this is a bit weird. In September 2012, DC Comics decided to do prequels for all of its New 52 comics; they called this “0 Month”. 1,400 more words

China Miéville

Dial H review — #4: Into You

WARNING: SPOILERS! (Review index)

After the cliffhanger ending of the last issue, issue #4 of Dial H takes us directly back to the room where Ex Nihilo and The Squid have summoned Abyss. 1,521 more words

China Miéville

Dial H review — #3: Come Here! I Need You!

WARNING: SPOILERS! (Review index)

Issue #3 of Dial H brings us to the midpoint of the series’ initial 5-issue story arc, by raising the stakes: Manteau and Nelson cotton on to what Ex Nihilo and The Squid are after, and catch up with them right as a bigger threat suddenly emerges. 1,370 more words

China Miéville

Dial H Vol. 2: Exchange (China Miévielle, Alberto Ponticelli, Dan Green)

Dial H Vol. 2: Exchange collects issues 7-15 of the DC 52 reboot of Dial H for Hero, plus the series’ epilogue (Justice League 23.3: Dial E). 323 more words