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Accent Shift 2014-2014: April

Sorry for the lack of editing, and the lack of analysis. I haven’t posted an accent video in months due to a combination of being too busy, being too apathetic, and having a little bit of a crisis of faith in Linguistics. 27 more words



How do you read that letter? Zee? Zed? Well, I’m about to make the argument that the “zee” pronunciation is better.

Learning Strategies

"To is, or not to is?" That is a question

I have ever been to Indonesia by following a Fulbright Program. Although I think I am success person, my only mother asks me how about the food.

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So Many Ways To Say I Love You - D Is For Dialects

The Philippines is comprised of over 7,100 islands – so it should be no surprise to learn that different islands have their own language, language groupings as well as dialects.  464 more words

Blogging From A To Z

Lost in Translation

What language do you dream in? I mean, people frequently talk about languages they speak or understand, but to understand how people think, to understand how people  725 more words

SNOWMINE - " Dialects " new Album

A teaser and taster for the new album DIALECTS by the Brooklyn band SNOWMINE, they want to make music you feel not only hear, all the sounds were recorded by the band Strings, 21 more words


Driving faces

I think one of my priorities in this whole 'learning to drive' thing is to arrange my face so it doesn't look as terrified, because while amusing for my instructor, I think it will worry other drives if they see someone with my lunatic face behind the wheel. 449 more words