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Positively Edinburgh

There are many things which make Edinburgh such a wonderful place to be, the people, the food, the music and the culture all serve up a very hospitable place for visitors. 430 more words


My New England is Showing and Other Topics

When I pick locations from my story I basically pull things out of my ass, or Google maps. In my writing folder I have stories set in Nantucket, San Francisco/LA/Portland, Central Pennsylvania, and the current NaNo project, set in Oklahoma and Texas. 658 more words

Your lil Southun girl

I hear echoes of you
In the way my mind forms words
Before the English teacher censor
Gets hold of them and twists them
Into unfamiliar shapes… 353 more words


5 November 2014. Surzhik... The TRUE National Language of the Ukraine




“Ukrainian” isn’t the national language of the Ukraine. Surzhik is. Surzhik is a mixed dialect of Russian and “Ukrainian”… it’s more Russian in the eastern regions… it’s more “Ukrainian” in the west. 250 more words


Language nerd

So, as I think most of you readers know, I’m an aspiring writer. I want to┬ábe a writer simply because I love writing and telling different stories. 773 more words

Said about Estuary English

This turned up the other day

Estuary English – the pride of Kent
Susie Rushton’s Notebook:
The Independent, Tuesday 7 June 2011

http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/columnists/susie-rushton-estuary-english-ndash-the-pride-of-kent-2293831.html 170 more words


Kumamoto Dialect

Instead of Satsuma-ben, today I thought I’d teach you some of the phrases or words I know in Kumamoto-ben.

One of my closest friends from when I lived in Kagoshima is from Yatsushiro. 453 more words