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Animal chatter over dinner

Write a post based on the contrast between

two things — whether people, objects, emotions,

places, or something else.

Make it a dialogue.

I imagine my dog and cat saying the following: 176 more words

Character Speech Patterns

Rarely is a main character silent. Or really rarely there is a story without dialogue involved, but it has to be natural. Unless the person has the personality of the starched collar of a shirt, the dialogue shouldn’t be stiff. 429 more words


"Good morning," you say. "Sweet dreams," I reply. "It's like I'm in China."

The sun was slowly but surely saying goodbye and the smeared bugs on my windshield glistened a pleasing shade of gold. I don’t remember where I was driving, what song was playing, or anything I’d done that day, but I remember the moment when I glanced up at the digital clock on my car’s dashboard. 97 more words

Global Majority - Statement on the Middle East

Dear friends,

I urge you to take a couple of minutes to read and support the joint Statement drafted and approved by the International Advisory Board of Global Majority on the current Crisis in the Middle East. 106 more words


tea, two houses, and mixing watercolors

This is part of a series of Instagram essays, or instaessays; writing exercises where the images are informed or subverted by accompanying long-form captions. Follow me to see more… 532 more words


Re-reading my pieces after a long interval

I have finished all the exercises in Part 3 of the course text. As preparation for the assignment I have revised the course text and am re-reading my assignment pieces. 100 more words