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July 21st, 2014: No Sleep/Taken By Surprise

I’ve been averaging an hour of sleep a night for weeks, so I feel I must ask for a little leeway, this may get a bit messy. 1,457 more words


A guy at the door involuntarily creates a link between himself and a carseller

«There was this guy at the door.»
«He told me he was working for an energy supplier and that I should change to his company calling the competitor a dump.» 51 more words

He And She Stories

The Reluctant Goodbye

There he lay on his death bed. He had a wonderful life of failure and triumph, sorrow and joy, as well as disappointment and blessings. As he reflected on his life, he began to have feelings of profound loss. 581 more words

Self Help

July 10th, 2014: The Little Things vol. 2 - Mastering Your Microwave

Hand to God, I have no idea why any food contains microwave directions. None. There should just be a crudely drawn cartoon of a guy shrugging his shoulders with question marks floating around his head and the words “estimated cooking time between 90 seconds and your mom” scrawled across the bottom in bubble letters. 283 more words


Mind maps: places of memory

For the final activity of the workshop, participants broke into three groups and compiled mind maps of Spaç, indicating the aspects that stood out to them the most out of all of the information gathered over the previous two days. 368 more words


something fell out of your bread

“Hey here, a slice of tomato fell out of your bread! Do you still want to eat it?”

“No you can have it.”
“mmh, that’s good…Another piece fell out.” 14 more words

He And She Stories

What rich people can buy

«He would earn millions.»
«He can buy women»«Well, he can buy their bodies.»
«Those women only have bodies.»