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Lesbian Talk Episode #65: I Believe In Dungiven Castle

In this week’s episode, Hagan spills the beans on BroCon 2014 and who she met, just how long it takes to get anywhere in Ireland (spoilers: forever), I confess it all about ladies coming to blows at the cash register, then we gush over the 9th Doctor episode ‘Dalek’. 8 more words


Lesbian Talk Episode #64: The Doctor Goes To Dashcon

This week’s episode is full of fail; we discuss the perfect clusterfuck of Dashcon and most of the new season of Doctor Who (scripts included) leaking to the Internet, I defend pretend moldy sandwiches and serve up a decoy bagel, and we bemoan the under-appreciated 8th Doctor with our viewing of his movie, all this and Giovanni’s Trivia Fact!


Hagan Reviews - (Ultimate) Versus

One of the most brainlessly amazing action films ever made.

Diamanda Hagan

Lesbian Talk Episode #63: The Queen's Best Court

In this week’s episode, we jump uterus-first into the recent Hobby Lobby decision by SCOTUS, the origins of pulling oneself up by one’s bootstraps, why Hagan’s nephew is certain that Belgium will win the World Cup, when exactly you should lie to customers, and we dish on the 7th Doctor serial ‘The Greatest Show in the Galaxy’ (now with extra Cyndi Lauper werewolves!)


Diamanda Hagan - Gabriel Over The White House Flubs

Out takes and alternate takes from Diamanda Hagan’s Gabriel Over The White House review, which featured a cameo from The Unemployed Historian in terribly done face paint.


Lesbian Talk Episode #62: Sealand the Brave

In this week’s episode we discuss my new country-of-choice, Sealand, why I think Link should stay male but Hagan is more open-minded, just how many women were involved with the French Revolution, Giovanni’s Trivia Question and we dish on the classic Who serial ‘Mark of the Rani’!