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Lesbian Talk Episode #80: We Never Want Figgy Pudding

Happy Holidays, audience! Join Hagan and Omega as they hash out the best and worst of Christmas specials throughout the ages, such as does Gremlins count? 30 more words


Lesbian Talk Episode #79: High Fantasy and Mahan

Take a seat in the tavern, traveler, you look weary. Join us as we’re joined by Patron Mahan to talk fantasy movies, both pre and post Lord of the Rings. 31 more words


Hagan Reviews - Sex Madness

Sex Madness is like Reefer Madness, if Reefer Madness was about syphilis.

The second of the new trilogy of possession reviews! This one stars PUSHING UP ROSES! (as Pushing Up Hagan)

Diamanda Hagan

Hagan Reviews - Unashamed

First of a new trio of possession reviews- 1932s nudist colony melodrama-sploitation!

Presented by the one, the only HAGAN THOMAS!

Diamanda Hagan

Lesbian Talk Episode #78: Ikea Cybermen

This week’s episode is the last one before the release of Bioware’s Dragon Age: Inquisition so we lay out our hopes and expectations and critically examine just why it is that Hagan wants so much more realistic realism than she gets out of RPGs. 24 more words


Hagan Reviews - Castle Freak

A family get terrorized in an Italian castle in Stuart Gordons terribly-titled adaption of HP Lovecrafts ‘The Outsider’.

The final part of the Stuart Gordon, HP Lovecraft, Jeffrey Combs and Barbara Crampton trilogy!

Diamanda Hagan

Lesbian Talk Episode #77: Spoilers and Nefarious Plans

Happy Halloween-ish! This week we tell our tales of the biggest Halloween celebration in Western Europe but that’s not all! In a feat of super spoilers, we dish on both recent episodes of Doctor Who, ‘In the Forest of the Night’ AND ‘Dark Water’. 22 more words