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More on the Ultimate Warrior steroid debate...

Wow. I just watched that Nancy Grace vs. DDP interview that wrestling fans are complaining about. It’s quite interesting to say the least.

Anyway, I am still siding with Nancy that Warrior may have possibly died of steroid abuse. 464 more words

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Sounding Off On The Slanderous Ultimate Warrior Coverage

Looking back at WWE Wrestlemania XXX and the whole week afterward, it seems that all of the good has been overshadowed by the sad and tragic events that followed. 1,009 more words

Diamond Dallas Page Tells Radar: Nancy Grace Ambushed Me!

Wrestling fans have launched a campaign to have Nancy Grace axed after a heated on-air confrontation with the famed wrestler Diamond Dallas Page about the death of… 564 more words

Wrestling has enough shameful moments, Nancy Grace - you don't need to make new ones up for us

I’d never heard of Nancy Grace prior to last night, but from what people were saying on Twitter I had a feeling that the segment on her show discussing the Ultimate Warrior’s death wasn’t going to be a particularly respectful display of broadcast journalism. 603 more words


Here Are The Sane, Compassionate Things Nancy Grace Had To Say About The Ultimate Warrior's Death

If you aren’t familiar with the works of Nancy Grace, she’s a sensationalist, porn shouting, interview faking, dead baby hashtagging monster with The Rachel who salivates over tragedy and practically masturbates on live television whenever a pro wrestler dies. 222 more words


I Would Give All My Money To Make This Real

Won’t someone please think of the children?