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Flexible Pride...

25 Years ago i was 140 lbs lighter than I am today

11 Years ago i was 65 lbs heavier than i am today

Lighter or Heavier i wasn’t as flexible as I am today thanks to Diamond Dallas Page and YRG Yoga. 56 more words


Photo: WWE Hall Of Famer Backstage At RAW

Jake “The Snake” Roberts and Diamond Dallas Page were backstage at RAW last night. F4WOnline reports that Ric Flair was there as well, however left during the show. 11 more words


Big Think - How Yoga Saved DDP's Body and Wrestling Career

I love Big Think. They have guests on from Neil Tyson and Bill Nye to Diamond Dallas Page and Bill Clinton. In this video DDP talks about how Yoga saved his career. 43 more words

Monday Nitro - January 8th, 2001 - Caliber

It’s the swerve of the century! AH HA! I told you guys we’d NEVER, EVER cover any WCW past 2000, and you fell for it! All of you! 1,663 more words

Monday Nitro

Hitting the (yoga) mat for a serious workout

Two months ago, I never would have imagined that I’d be spending an early Saturday morning doing yoga with a bunch of guys.

But here I am. 1,236 more words


Jay Leno Kills Pro Wrestling (Rope Break)

Straight out of Road Wild 1998, Diamond Dallas Page seeks out the help of “Iron” Jay Leno to take on Hollywood Hulk Hogan and Eric “Indie Jobber Pants” Bischoff


Diamond Dallas Page Where Are They Now In Sports

What is former WWE champion wrestler doing with his life now? You wouldn’t believe his new occupation.

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