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How Buy Diamond Engagement Rings Online Beneficial Decision

Shopping for a diamond engagement ring can be quite a stress-filled encounter. You don’t just have to make sure you select the best ring, however, you frequently have to barter with a sales rep and hope you will get the best offer. 385 more words


Flights of Fancy

Good news for Senator Ben Hueso this morning, HE PLED HIS DUI CHARGE DOWN TO A “WET & RECKLESS,” meaning that it will only cost him an $1100 fine and three years probation. 553 more words

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How To Choose The Finest Eternity Ring

What exactly is best thing you can give to your partner? Are you loving and sweet to her? Do you desire to show that she’s very special to you? 401 more words

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Diamond Engagement Rings: A Method to the Madness

When it comes time to go shopping for diamond engagement rings, you will need a plan of action before you walk blindly into the lion’s den. 185 more words

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Eternity Rings Or Wedding Bands

Eternity rings are stunning symbols of love that your girlfriend is sure to cherish for years to come. But exactly what the real symbolism of eternity rings? 534 more words

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Widow Puts Her Diamond Ring In Salvation Army Kettle (On Purpose)

While we’ve heard our fair share of stories where wedding rings or other jewelry accidentally end up in donations bins or tip jars, this time a diamond ring was placed in a Salvation Army Kettle entirely on purpose, as an act of charity from an anonymous widow who said donated it in honor of her late husband. 211 more words

Voltaire Diamonds Dublin

Last week I had the pleasure of being invited into Voltaire Diamonds Dublin to meet Seamus and the girls and try on some of their amazing jewellery! 336 more words