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Love potions without number

Tom Holt The Portable Door Orbit 2004

Tom Holt is a respected comic fantasy writer, whose only other work I was previously aware of was… 314 more words


Nostalgia Books

When I was in middle school and going through a bleak phase where no book would hold my interest, I came across one volume at the library called… 198 more words


Book Report: The Islands of Chaldea by Diana Wynne Jones, Completed by Ursula Jones

Entertaining, with her usual quirkiness and strong matriarchal figures, but not my favorite of Diana Wynne Jones’s books.

The plot seemed more simplistic than her other stories, especially toward the end. 39 more words


Review: The Lives of Christopher Chant by Diana Wynne Jones

A boy with nine lives walks through worlds, gets up to mischief and no good. Loses lives, makes friends and grows up a little. In doing so he becomes the Chrestomanci, guardian-enchanter-magician of the multiverse. 131 more words


Book Recommendations: High Fantasy, part One.

Alright, so I read voraciously and I thought I’d recommend a few books for you guys. These are all childrens and YA books, except for classics, Terry Pratchett, and Robin McKinley, but that doesn’t make them any less good.  1,501 more words

Reviews And Referrals

7.13.14 Hexwood

Hexwood by Diana Wynne Jones

reread : 446/446

I wish I could tell you that I now thoroughly understand this book, after reading it like, five times, and that this post was going to be a perfect chronological explanation of everything that happens so that future readers and past readers alike could come here and go OHHHHHHHHHHH I SEE. 1,539 more words

A Tale of Time City

The late and much lamented Diana Wynne Jones is popular enough in fantasy lit circles that she’s often referred to only by her initials as DWJ, much as my scifi geek friends talk about JMS. 461 more words