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Magic and mayhem

Diana Wynne Jones Charmed Life HarperCollinsChildren’sBooks 2007 (1977)

Orphans, one spiteful,
one open-hearted, effect
magic, then mayhem!

The first of the Chrestomanci books to be published but the third in order of chronology, … 520 more words


Enchanted Glass - Diana Wynne Jones

Title : Enchanted Glass
Author : Diana Wynne Jones (2010)
Publisher : GreenWillow Books (Imprint of HarperCollins Publishers)
Edition : First paperback edition, 2011
Format : Paperback, 292 pages… 1,005 more words


Review: Charmed Life by Diana Wynne Jones

Title: Charmed Life

Author: Diana Wynne Jones

Pages: 252

Series: Book #1, “Chronicles of Chrestomanci”

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy

Source: Bought

Check it out on Goodreads… 919 more words

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Master of his own fates

Diana Wynne Jones Conrad’s Fate
HarperCollinsChildren’sBooks 2006 (2005)

In the English Alps
Conrad tries to change his fate.

Conrad’s Fate is a first-person narrative by the eponymous Conrad Tesdinic, a boy who lives in a world where England is geologically still attached to continental Europe, in an alpine town called Stallery dominated by the slightly sinister Stallery Mansion. 424 more words


Review: The Four Grannies by Diana Wynne Jones

The Four Grannies is one of the stories DWJ wrote for younger readers, and have been reprinted in the Freaky Families omnibus with the short story “Aunt Bea’s Day Out.” As the titles of both the omnibus and the story will clue you in, this is another story of children dealing with annoying adults/family members. 381 more words


Book of the Month: Howl's Moving Castle

I’ve had a soft spot for Miyasaki movies ever since I first watched the acclaimed Spirited Away and so reading one of the books that inspired another Miyasaki movie was a treat. 495 more words

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Gwen's Adoration of Illusions of Fate by Kiersten White

Illusions of FateĀ is officially my new favorite book. I am in love. Obsessed. And heartbroken it is a stand-alone and only 275 pages long. Et cetera. 769 more words

Author: Gwen