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There will NEVER be a British republic

There’s been a few on the left who opposed Scottish independence citing “solidarity” with workers in England and Wales. Most notably George Galloway (a man who I respect dearly for his work on Palestine). 396 more words

Scottish Referendum

Quote of the Day

Diane Abbott on the Daily Politics:

“Labour MPs will unite behind Ed Miliband, once we find out what our policies are.”

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Finding one’s voice

This was first published in Progress magazine | Richard Angell and Ben Dilks The winner of The Voice on politics and pop ‘I’m still the same Jermain Jackman that you’ll see in McDonalds on a Friday afternoon getting my Big Mac meal,’ begins the winner of The Voice, before pausing to concede, ‘but it’s changed the life around me.’ The 18-year-old believes that winning the BBC’s singing competition in April ‘sent a message’ to other young people in his local community in Hackney, east London. 834 more words

Progress Magazine

Diane Can Become London's Leading Lady - Mohamed Hassan (LABOUR4) On Mrs Abbott

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In the week that David Lammy as announced that he’d like to seek Labour nomination for the Mayor of London, Mohamed Hassan (LABOUR4) believes that the role would be better suited to controversial figure Diane Abbott. 540 more words