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Questionable Time #121

Good morrow lemmings and welcome to a saucy edition of Questionable Time, now with extra sauce. Apologies for the horrible lateness, but I have a stomach ache (possibly due to ingesting all that sauce) and my motivation for analysing this very D-list edition was not exactly stratospheric. 869 more words

Question Time

A very good day for Labour


Political context

Not much has changed in regards to the political context recently. It’s worth noting that Labour feel they can only retain their Scottish MP’s if the Scotish labour party can convince the electorate that they have nothing to do with the UK wide Labour Party. 623 more words

The fallacies within Katie Hopkins' debate with Diane Abbott on Benefits

Benefits debate: Diane Abbott and Katie Hopkins

Katie Hopkins is an outspoken columnist, broadcaster and business woman whose views and beliefs can be categorised as controversial and snobby. 499 more words

Open Letter To The BBC

Dear BBC,

At the beginning of this year I submitted the Freedom of Information Act request to yourselves that is reproduced below together with your response. 1,015 more words


And The Melton Mowbray Award 2014/15 Goes To........

Well, for me it’s a close-run thing between Diane Abbott and the BBC. I am indebted to Media Guido for the article below.

Diane Abbott Pockets ¬£110,000 of Licence Fee Payer¬†Cash… 551 more words