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"Stopped While Walking Black"

So yesterday, I was listening to The Diane Rehm Show on NPR (many of you are familiar with this show – it’s nation wide and popular) and the subject was Ferguson, MO. 540 more words

The Tweetest Thing

Look, ya’ll, I know this Twitter thing ain’t new. Ever since Diane Rehm, the matriarch of public radio, starting croaking “or send us a tweet” at the tail end of her call for calls, snail mails, and e-mails, non-twitterers like me were officially behind the times. 372 more words

Mid-Week Miscellany

To be both Informative and Interesting

If you haven’t read David McCullough, you really should. He’s made history accessible to someone like me, who doesn’t have a naturally proclivity towards history. Where other historians use primarily a microscopic approach to research and writing, McCullough uses the oft-forgotten macro lens by constantly looking for the bigger picture. 1,111 more words


My Take on Palestine and Israel


I’ve been wanting to write this post for a while now, but I wasn’t sure how to begin. After many days of contemplation, insistent on the fact that I speak out and write about something that has so angered me, but still confused on how to go about it, I have decided to write with reckless abandon. 2,679 more words

There's a bright golden haze...

I recently purchased the Rogers & Hammerstein Collection on Blu-Ray. This is the first Blu-Ray I have ever owned. (Fitting, since The Sound of Music… 473 more words


It's a two way blade

This one was heard on the NPR radio show, the Diane Rehm show, last week.  The speaker intended to say “double-edged sword” based on the context.  54 more words


"And When I Die" (Cross-Post)

Today I wrote a piece on RevGalBlogPals about a difficult but important topic. It’s about “aid-in-dying” and it is worthy of your thoughtful reflection and consideration. 172 more words