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The ponders of it all.

I had to get up early today, because someone rang the door bell at 8:15 and, thanks to N.P.R and their interview with the police people yesterday, I just knew it was burglars checking to see if anyone was home before they broke in. 370 more words

Other Stuff

Dear Diary, It's Parade Day

I hate the St. Patrick’s Day parade. I didn’t used to. Whoa…what kind of a sentence is that…Anywho, I have been ba humbugging  St. Pat’s for a few years now. 236 more words

Every Bite You Take: Nutrition and Mental Health


We all know what it is like to be irritable because we haven’t eaten yet. T-shirts are popping up with phrases like, “I’m sorry for what I said to you while I was hungry”. 700 more words

the process

You write and you write and you write and you write and you write. Then you delete a bunch of shit and write some more. Then you write and you write and you write. 303 more words

The Life

Kartoons By Kline #111

I drew an iteration of this cartoon on a white board I frequently doodle on at work, occasionally evoking a chuckle or two from passersby throughout any given day, and finally found some time in the middle of the night to complete a refined version ahead of the closing ceremony for the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi. 99 more words