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Traveling with cloth diapers

Do it! If you’re into your cloth diapering system and your baby is happy, there’s no reason to abandon your lifestyle just because you’re traveling. One limitation: your destination MUST have a washing machine. 182 more words


Easy Cloth Diaper Changing Station

Okay, so I am the worst blogger EVER right now because I haven’t written in MONTHS.  I’ve been very busy writing and arranging some awesome music for my students at school, and with the complexity of my ensembles it takes a lot of time to get it right (not to mention the time it takes to rehearse it, continue with regular lesson plans, and take care of all of those teacher duties that have nothing to do with teaching). 950 more words


Do You Want to Change Your Diaper?

I know – I’m really late to the Frozen parody game. So late that this isn’t really funny anymore.

But, seeing as how I’m late to a lot of things lately, I’m going to post it anyway. 299 more words


"Experts Advise on Treating Diaper Rash"

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This January 6, 2015 article on The Ledger.com talks about types of diaper rashes, and ways to treat and prevent them.

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Grand Cloth Diaper #Giveaway

If have been following my blog for sometime now, you know that cloth diapers are probably one of the most dearest things in my life. And this month is going to be super awesome for all you cloth diapering mommas and dadas as well! 414 more words


Diaper Bundle Savings!

Begin your 2015 with Diaper Bundle Savings at BabyJoy.ca. No code required. Ends 1/11. Featuring brands like AppleCheek, Imse Vimse, gDiapers, and more.

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Honestly Disappointed

Well, a few weeks ago, I wrote a post singing the praises of Honest Diapers and Honest Baby wipes, but it’s now been about two months since I started using these products and I have to report a very disappointing development. 331 more words

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