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Cloth diapers, here we come

For beautiful baby bums, although I cannot imagine this will stay beautiful for long. Oh well, it’s nice and bright, isn’t it?

Upscale cloth diaper gift from a relative. South Dakota, Winter 2014.

Diapering in Ferne

From The Blazon of Gentrie by Sir John Ferne (1586), p189

The above is Ferne’s rendering of diapering, which he insists is a vital difference that must be noted in blazon rather than a method of further ornamenting the shield. 38 more words


The Dirt on Diaper Ointments

When I was pregnant, ladies in my office offered up a lot of advice about which products to use and which to stay away from. They all meant well and gave me time-tested and hard-won advice as to what worked best for their children. 691 more words

All About Baby

"It’s the Holidays, But Diaper Need Remains"

Article Link

This December 9, 2011 article talks about diaper need during the holiday season 7 more words


Honest Products, Honestly

In my October 17th post, “Fully Loaded: The 20 Things You Really Need in Your Diaper Bag,” I promised I would talk about the products I’m using for Julian, so the next few installments will be devoted to discussing some of the products I’ve chosen to use and why. 645 more words

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My Wash Routine #Updated

I have been cloth diapering our girls for many many months now and I have always followed a simple cloth diaper wash routine that I thought was working good for us. 211 more words


Style Tips for Mums-on-the-Go

Motherhood is an exhilarating experience, but some mums tend to be so preoccupied with being a mum that they forget to primp themselves up when going out. 200 more words