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Covering little bottoms!

I’ve recently learnt all about cloth nappies! And the hundreds of different varieties, the various inserts and combinations you should use, for heavy wetters, major poop explosions, stopping leaks to how to wash them, strip them, stop them from smelling, stop them from getting product build up…etc etc the list is endless! 663 more words

Little Monsters

let's talk cloth

cloth diapering is a modern miracle.

I had decided early in my pregnancy that I wanted to cloth diaper my baby mainly for the environmental and financial reasons. 540 more words

prepping my cloth today!

since i have a feeling that sawyer will be coming sooner rather than later, i’ve decided to start prepping my cloth stash because i’ve got that nesting bug once again and, really, why not?! 126 more words

Home Life

Hazel and Diapers - Laundry

Last Thursday I met a new mom and we were discussing cloth diapers (you’d be surprised how quickly moms figure out who CDs). What we liked, didn’t like, why we decided to do it, etc. 437 more words


Cloth Diapers

Let me just take a moment to say AAAAAHHHHHRRRGGGHHH!  And Yay!

Which sums up cloth diapering.  It’s awesome and confusing, and frustrating, and great and he’ll be potty trained before I get the hang of it. 911 more words


I'm Learning to Cloth Diaper! (Giveaway)

Alright, after much fear and apprehension I have finally started cloth diapering. I thought I’d start sooner, but you need A LOT of diapers to get this thing going and I had to study even more. 497 more words

Day To Day

Living up to my crafty self

It has taken me three children to become ambitious and self assured with crafting for a baby. Yes, I have always preached wool diaper covers and cloth prefolds, but have I ever really loved using them and opted for wool over the poly covers? 577 more words