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Chinese 'culture'

  • Babies shitting all over public walkways, subway stations and trains
  • Entire waves of cars idly cruising through red lights
  • 10+ phones ringing during each cinema sitting…
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Two Great Baby Tips

I had a great idea for a blog: write about three of my best baby tips. But there was a problem, I could only think of two tips. 370 more words


How We (for the most part) Potty Trained Our Son in 3 Days (and How You Can Too!)

We did it. We potty trained our son in 3 days.

Let me provide a disclaimer: It wasn’t easy. It’s not perfect. There are still accidents. 433 more words


We made it, one month old!

I’m sure we’ll look back at this past month years from now and remember it as a complete blur, but I will have to admit, no one EVER warned us how difficult it would be. 727 more words


Building A Cloth Diaper Stash for less than $200

Yep! You read that right! You, yes you, can build a stash of cloth diapers for less than $200!

The way to accomplish this seemingly impossible task in the world of BumGenius, Fuzzibunz, and other fairly pricey fluff is actually quite simple. 346 more words


The solution to those with cats who pee where they want!

So, some of us have cats…and as they get older, sometimes they decide littler boxes are for children. I am the proud owner of one of those cats. 365 more words

Meaningful Thoughts

Cloth Diaper Wash Routine

One of the biggest parts of Cloth Diapering, of course, is cloth laundry. They need to get washed, the question is HOW? Using a proper cloth diapering wash routine can help protect you from future issues such as detergent build-up, stink issues, & ammonia build-up. 222 more words

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