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Projectile poop

Today I found out just how far my child can shoot her poop.
It was impressive really. Four and a half feet of steaming yellow poop flying right at me. 122 more words

Get Ready with these items to run a quick errand with your baby

I always bring my diaper bag to the grocery store and then realized how inconvenient and silly of me to do that.  My kid is sitting on the cart and I can’t place my heavy diaper bag in the cart because I have to put my groceries in there.   147 more words

Diapers Can Cause Chemical Burns!

I was just fumbling around on the internet and found a very scary article that I need to share with all of you.  I know that I’ve been touting Melaleuca and trying desperately to warn everyone about the dangers in our homes, and I hope you are taking me seriously.   253 more words


Pampers ^.^


The infant diaper is often a core component of a baby’s wardrobe and Papers continues to be there every stage from the way. Considering that 1961, it’s been Pampers which has spearheaded the innovation uncovered the disposable diapers of right now. 320 more words



A brand new toddler inside the home is a issue of supreme joy however it also ensures that the mother and father should be on their own toes whatsoever moments. 271 more words