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The Seven Wiper

My friend John and I were able to catch up recently and we were comparing notes about our kids. We are both blessed with two kids each, both of his are girls where both of ours are boys. 131 more words

Diapers And Clean Up

Oh Yeah, get that first diaper..

The thing that I think I hear the most from other dads is the diapers are the worst..


Good gosh that can be….


But do that first one or two…here’s why…..they don’t smell…. 68 more words

Clean Up

Huggies Pure Natural Diapers Size 4 60 Count Pack

If you are looking for the best diapers and wipes then you should always go for huggies diapers and wipes which is one of the most trusted brands on the market. 380 more words


Pampers Swaddlers Diapers Size 2 Economy Pack Plus 204

pampers is one of the leading global brand name for baby products such as diapers. Once Pampers means diapers and diapers mean Pampers. This was the impression of Pampers in India. 315 more words

Solutions Pampers Cruisers Diapers Size 6 Economy Pack Plus

If you care for your young toddler, you would definitely understand how important it is for them to learn the vital skills of life and develop their intelligence as they grow up. 289 more words


Life has been crazy busy lately. I recently had my birthday, turned 26 years old this year. Got my nipples pierced, looking for a new job, trying to find a cute girl to be with etc. 252 more words



There are g diapers in the mail and after morning snuggles with sadie we are off to scoop them up !