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Problems at Pinkberry

Dear Diary,

She told her! The little LBR told her! NEVER TRUST MAKENNA! She told Kris! Ehmagawd I cannot believe her! So this is what happened: 433 more words

Massie Block

April 16, 1924

Wed., 16   Cool. Work upstairs, for Dumas to clean (sic). She works in the girls’ rooms. Go after dinner to Marie Warners’ to a D.A.R. meeting. 36 more words


Horrid Henry's Diary

We have finished studying the author, Francesca Simon and her stories about Horrid Henry now. I am pleased to see so many of you reading many of her books. 81 more words

Dempsey vs. Kris

Dear Diary,

I am in love with Dempsey.

My life is officially over! Kristen is going to kill me. I know I shouldn’t have done it, but I did. 94 more words


So Motivated!

“Remind yourself that it’s OK not to be perfect”

I’m not striving for perfection here because I know that’s impossible, but my goal IS to get as close to it as possible.  521 more words


A Day in the Life: Nikki Kline

Do any of you have alarm clocks that you can’t “turn off”? If you own a cat, the answer is probably yes. They also don’t believe that weekends are for sleeping in, even if you went to bed at 2am … breakfast should still be at 5:30am. 494 more words

Veterinary Medicine