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Entry 15

Splendid matches for the signalled bases are running amok.


Sojourner Truth

Sojourner Truth is an important and interesting historic figure in the history of New York State and the United States. Born Isabella Baumfree, she spent the first 29 years of her life as a slave in the Hudson Valley area, then escaped with one of her children in 1826. 248 more words



A lot of people turned up at Natalie’s funeral. The whole lot of them, genuinely grieving. Natalie’s was a presence most enjoyed. No one had imagined she’d leave so soon. 317 more words


Those diaries with the silver key, but who am I really?

Hello Women of Wonder!

Do you remember those diaries we had back as young girls? The pink or blue or red ones with a clasp and key lock and tiny silver keys? 695 more words

5 Minute Writes

April 17, 1924

Thurs., 17   A sunny day with raw wind.  Jessie Warner White comes up in the morning, stays till after dinner. Dumas cleaning in Tuttle’s room & Grace’s. Letter from Ruth.


Te ame , te amo y amare GRACIAS

Guardare tus besos abrazos caricias y todo lo que de ti provenía por que te amo y te amare siempre jamas me perdonare esto te perdí y por mi culpa y viviré odiando me toda la vida por perder a la persona que me brindaba la felicidad y alegría y contigo se fuero Solo quiero que seas feliz


Problems at Pinkberry

Dear Diary,

She told her! The little LBR told her! NEVER TRUST MAKENNA! She told Kris! Ehmagawd I cannot believe her! So this is what happened: 433 more words

Massie Block