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4/23/2014 - Back into the Fray!

As a newly christened Paladin, I am off once more into the main quest line! I set out immediately this morning from Ul’dah to follow the quest, and like I’ve said a few times already this is going to be a spoiler-free blog as much as possible so I’m going to go light on those areas of the entry today. 336 more words

A Realm Reborn

T-Ball: Good lord what have we begat?

So yeah T-Ball.


I never played organized stuff as a kid. My first experience with organized sports was my senior year in high-school. The Track team needed a pole-vaulter. 954 more words


Evaluate Reverse Polish Notation

After understanding the rule of the notation, we can solve this problem with the help of an stack easily. The only thing needed to be carefully treated is that the input may contain negative integers. 138 more words


More Camping Adventures

We spent the first week of the school holidays with a bunch of friends camping in Sorrento.  We were right on the beach and with so many kids (16!) ranging in age from 4 months (superstar Peggy) to 9 we needed there to be lots to do.  261 more words


Lesson In A Test...

Screaming laughter, violent joy and the uncontainable ability to remain dignified beyond the “vanishing point” of comprehension!

Yes. I did it yet again.

So here we were, it was that moment in which we took the ‘perspective’ challenge. 363 more words