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Quote of the Day

“I’m so clever that sometimes I don’t understand a single word of what I am saying.” – Oscar Wilde

Happy 114th Birthday to you, Mr. Oscar Wilde!

Quote Of The Day

A Conflict Between Free Labor & Slave Labor~October 1864~the 7th to 9th

A Conflict Between Free Labor and Slave Labor ~ Henry C. Wright.

Writing in The Liberator, Henry C. Wright, age 67, a radical abolitionist, pacifist, anarchist and feminist characterizes the war as one between free labor and slave labor and encourages workers to vote for Lincoln. 2,198 more words

Daily History

I Am Becoming A Sad-Souled Woman~Sptember 1864~24th and 25th

I Am Becoming a Sad-Souled Woman ~Lucy Virginia French.

Lucy French mourns the current state of affairs and wonders what, if anything, men are good for doing. 1,787 more words

Daily History

War Is Cruelty~September 1864~the 12th to 14th

War Is Cruelty ~ General Sherman.

Sherman answers the letter from the mayor of Atlanta. One of his officers rejoices. Georgia newspapers want the government in Richmond to help but Lee is already short of soldiers and food. 2,049 more words

Daily History