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July 28

So, the holidays are over and I feel like I’m more tired than I was when I left. I believe the whole point of going away on holiday is to relax and rest, but for me, vacations are¬†always about walking 8-10 hours a day non-stop, exploring¬†new lands, so I can later brag about how amazing the places I visited were and complain about how tired I am. 629 more words


2014 Week 29 Day 6

2014 Week 29 Day 6 – This little girl seems to think that our bed is her bed! In fact, she gets quite cross when he sees daddy in it!! Time for a pretend nap


2014 Week 29 Day 2

2014 Week 29 Day 2 – Mr Felix is growing up fast and here he is performing at the end of year/end of era, pre-school show, with his little buddies, who are all about to move up to big school in September! 41 more words


2014 Week 29 Day 1

2014 Week 29 Day 1 – Best friends

and helpful Miss


2014 Week 28 Day 7

2014 Week 28 Day 7 – The kids at school made decorations for the world cup and hung them out on the railings. Barnaby was rather cross with his teacher for doing this after it rained one day; “didn’t she know they’d get ruined?”


Little One: Introducing A New Family Member

Mhm! The title says it all. It has officially been one week since we brought a new addition to the family!

Meet Teddy. Full on Yorkshire Terrier. 349 more words

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