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Gue sebenernya ga pengen ngepost review restoran di blog gue, karna temen2 gue lmyn sering komplen sm hobi gw yg uda kelewatan coba2 makanan enak terus dipost di path/instagram/twitter/fb, bikin orang laper n jd boros gara2 ngiler sm postingan gue. 744 more words





My Diary

I saw my reflection in the thirteenth floor windows before I woke up to see a gleaming polished head in an oyster shell. I had to walk an avenue counting prehistoric menhirs before I left the house (which was shaped like an acoustic guitar). 66 more words


Appetite for Distraction - Another Day.

He wakes up. He feels refreshed as if he had a good nights sleep. His phone tells him he is in Alexander City, Alabama. He is not in Alexander City, Alabama. 650 more words

Appetite For Distraction

Day 173 - Wednesday 23rd April 2014

Well, usual issue with sleep last night – awake from 03:30 til about 06:15, but managed a little more shut-eye after that. A little bit of good news – emailed Dr. 111 more words


Day 45 - 7:11am


I did it. I actually did it.

I read a comment yesterday that told me to “keep moving forward” with my Couch-to-5K sessions. If I completed it…regardless of whether or not I did it non-stop beginning to end…I should move on to the next session. 180 more words



its been a while since I have written here, my mind constantly active, but forget to log my thoughts away here, and then they pass like a ship in the night. 171 more words