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A Fun Way to Teach Diary Entries

Functional writing is something which really doesn’t hold the same relevance that it used to. We live in a world where letters have become texts, cards have become Facebook posts, diary entries have become blog posts. 834 more words


Goodbye Forest, I'll miss you

It’s Super Sunday. I’m sat in Walkabout in Plymouth with my friends. They support a wide variety of premiership teams. I say wide variety, most could be found in the top half of the league, despite the fact that those supporting have little to no connection to the team playing. 1,372 more words


A 22-Year-Old’s Diary Entries From Late November, 1973

Sunday, November 18, 1973

Somehow for me, Sunday nights have always been both a time of reflection about the week past and a time of anxious trepidation concerning the week to come. 3,728 more words

When I should be writing...

sometimes it feels like my heart is in my throat with you. i choke on my words and i am happy for no discernible reason. i can’t say we embody a distinct mediocrity without making it sound dirty. 96 more words

Diary Entries

Yay! A new middle class ghetto in Torquay! Yay! *rolls eyes*

So, today, I was in Torquay. The whys and wherefores of why I was there aren’t important, but I was there and I hadn’t been in over a year. 1,034 more words


Diary Entries!

In our English Class we are planning for our next Wonder Write. In the previous lesson we redrafted our opening paragraph. I have worked really hard on mine and my favourite line is  76 more words


For the Bullies and the Bullied

I was bullied as a kid.

I know what you’re going to say. Who wasn’t? But just because it’s a common occurrence doesn’t make it less painful. 568 more words

Diary Entries