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#birthdayweek : The Keg with Dennica

Ever since I got out if high school I became less of a party goer… Not that I was a very big one either…

Anyways, I used to always just have a party for my birthday. 371 more words


Walking/rolling 404 error

A couple of weeks ago I earned myself a new title: brokkenpiloot. It’s a saying here in the Netherlands and in Germany and literally means “wreckage pilot”, and it refers to dumb idiots who manage to crash in any situation… Guilty as charged. 615 more words

Diary Entries


I think the only time when people can call themselves mature are when they are able to control themselves from spewing out personal opinions everywhere and not able to be easily angered or frustrated about things that they didn’t directly cause. 30 more words


Diary entry 3; Illness

Good day everyone! Hows our Saturday going? ITS FINALLY THE WEEKEND:]]] Well, while you lot were at school busying yourselves with homework, i was at home watching pretty little liars ILL. 417 more words


Join the Revolverlution this Valentine's Day <3

Become a part of Ms. Veronica Varlow’s Revolverlution Valentine’s Day Exchange and make a difference by spreading the love this Saint Valentine’s Day <3 <3 <3

Diary Entries

Does the University You Choose Really Matter?

Hey readers, I just wanted to write a quick post regarding something that been on my mind a lot since I started looking into University course and that is does it really matter which one I ultimately end up going too? 254 more words


starbucks drinks and overexposure

This is a late post but I spent yesterday happily, at a Starbucks 1-for-1 with someone (a junior of mine but a dear friend too) that I’m able to talk comfortably with. 97 more words