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24th July, 2014

My dear friend,

Am I just ‘there?’ A person who is a last minute consideration? A polite suggestion? Am I known for being the one who just stands there, smiles stupidly with her hands in her pockets, swaying back and forth trying to think of something to say so I can attempt to become a part of a conversation, and not be the girl who just sits and waits in awkward silence, ultimately ending up the prince’s fool? 169 more words

Emma's Diary

Self Inspection

Hi everyone!

This week’s Dungeon Prompt asks us to pay tribute to our heroes.

I already touched upon that idea in this post from February… 545 more words


A 22-Year-Old’s Diary Entries From Late September, 1973

Friday, September 21, 1973

It’s 5 PM and I’ve just come out of the bathroom, where I took a bath with oil and washed my hair and shaved and rubbed myself down so that I feel new and clean. 2,359 more words

The Richard Parker Diary Entries by Feza Lingomo

Dear Diary

It is about 2 pm judging by the sun and we’ve been at sea for such a long time now that i have lost count of the days. 295 more words

Magic Realism

A flash of light

Brilliant, Illuminating,

Like wood

Bursting into flames

Quick, simple

Then darkness again.


Cold and soothing

Like a blanket drawn

Over sleepy eyes… 43 more words

Diary Entries

Allergies and DALK Transplant - 2014 Season

Well, I’m following in my Dad’s footsteps and my ragweed allergy has increase a lot since last year. Luckily this year it has been mostly nasal, coughing, throat irritation and not as much on the eyes. 121 more words

Diary Entries


A lot has changed. I’ll just begin with that.
Now I know that it’s been a while since I’ve even looked at this blog and it’s wilting like a flower from the lack of love, but everything has been hectic. 420 more words

"Diary" Entries