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Mandatory hello.

Haha, Hello!
Let me just skip the awkward hello and the “my favourite drink is tea” paragraph and get straight into my point in creating this blog. 391 more words


Saturday, 30 July 1864

Rose before 6 ― (so strong is the ruling passion ― O! Morn ―― morn! ― tho’ we see it not now. ―) & then, & after breakfast coloured one more dozen of the Cretan drawings ― leaving only 4½ dozen to pen out & color, out of the 11. 227 more words

Diary Entry

Wednesday, July 30, 1969

Really busy day. After Dick left I crocheted on another wine glass coaster + then at 8:15 went to Paintin’ Place + got some white paint + some brushes + a new roller. 312 more words

Diary Entry

Summer Semester, Session Three (?)

Hello Readers! I keep thinking to write here but it never got done until now. I would like to take this time to explain in brief detail what occurred during session three of summer semester. 928 more words

Diary Entry

Grandma Gaines' Diary: "The New Day in Your Life"

My friend Sue recently received a strange package and she still has no clue where it came from, but it was a massive manilla envelope FULL of her grandmother’s writings!  622 more words


Friday, 29 July 1864

Rose at 6. Penning out, ―for unless I break the neck these Cretan sketches, I shall have no peace. But the little upstairs room is sadly hot & close. 157 more words

Diary Entry