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the death inside, 19th April 2014

I saw a guy the other day sitting on the pavement by a road, close to a supermarket, half-huddled in a sleeping bag sat up with a tatty hat looking for all the world like a pile of discarded rags……. 257 more words


Honestly, the most helpful part of my eating disorder treatment was not the therapist, group therapy, art therapy, medications, dietitians, nutritionists, nurses, meal groups, or meal plans. 104 more words

Food Diary 19.04.14


Grapes, Chocolate and Instant Coffee :( (feeling bad)

Lunch Plan: Brocolii and Salmon

Dinner Plan: Cabbage and Tomatoes

Snack Plans: Apples, Pear and Muslie Bar.


April 19, 1851



April 19  Harriet and her children came from Pittsburgh this

morning, came by the way of Stonington to Mansfield

and got someone to bring them.   402 more words

19th Century

Just Let Me Vent

**WARNING** This post contains randomness that might rock your world. Okay, so that was pushing too far. :D

Why are you still reading this? :? 333 more words


Triple Date

I can’t even describe how amazing this week has been. Today, we went to a movie with his brother and his brother’s girlfriend, and Emily. Emily would have brought Darion, but he had to work. 256 more words

First Days of Raki, Ma and Pa.

Jadi ibu itu ternyata gak gampang, penderitaan (baca perjuangan) yang saya sama sekali nggak tahu sebelum akhirnya menjalaninya. Well, saya tahu, saya baca, tapi it’s much different from the reality. 500 more words