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“There is no ‘I’ in ‘TEAM’” – said everybody, at some point.

Oh, teamwork. What does it mean to you? I think sometimes it means helping someone who you have no reason to help for the sake of the client. 29 more words



let me start off by saying if anyone’s diary should’t get published- it’s mine.


every page i read, i cringe. every. single. one.

from new boyfriends to new hair- i was a mess back in the day. 163 more words


I am trying to be better

Two weeks ago, I asked you an important question. I asked you to accompany me to my psychologist. Not for couples’ therapy. Not for you. But for you to be candid with him about me. 555 more words



Written by Lost in a Dream

Rose walked away from the high-rise buildings of Tetropolis, towards the fringe of the city. Her bag was heavy and the still, summer heat was particularly overbearing, so the journey took much longer than usual. 415 more words

Half Hour Challenge

Year 2 Unit Choices, 16.04.14

I have been putting some thoughts into my unit choices for next year.

The most exciting part is of course, I can take up to 20 credit points of open units (hang on, shouldn’t I be excited for Maths instead?)! 236 more words


Day 51

I havent done an update in a week. I’m struggling with where this blog is going. I started out with one idea in mind then it took a totally different direction, and now it’s kind of all over the place. 90 more words