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Day 350 - On Moving On

Good Morning.

I know, it’s been two days. All I can say is I’m sorry. My days have been on go from 7a to 11:30 these past two days. 1,143 more words


Throwback Thursday: Pioneer Day Parade

Today, July 24, is Pioneer Day. It is one of the things that makes the state of Utah unique. To learn about the history of the holiday, … 725 more words


A Clear .


.The “Blur” ..

I know that Erik

Erickson never defined a “ego” recalibration
as a stage of the aging process.
Sort of a Blur, for lack of a better word . 507 more words


Day ??? of the hermit life

The more I stay away from people, the more I find their practices a sham. Their greetings rehearsed and their conversations dull and vapid. Why is it that I feel so utterly disconnected from humanity? 47 more words

Thoughtful Thursdays #4

Who’s a sucker for burying their head in the sand? Join the queue ladies and gentlemen because I do just that. I pretend to be organised but really I’m just lazy at making an effort to amend little things in life such as my finances, I used to be the best at saving and now I feel myself slipping into the black by over indulging online more than I should, (stay away from eBay!) It’s not just finances but my weight, my diet and my general health, I think I can just keep leaving it until later but an article recently inspired me that every day gone is a day wasted and when I do get round to achieving goals then I’ll think why on earth I wasted so much time. 669 more words


Apr├Ęs holiday lady Sarah...

The main problem with fantastic holidays is that eventually they do come to an end. Back in London, back to the flat , back to work and trying to readjust to real life. 209 more words