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Old Sketchbook-04:: Eid Installations

We have been raised in an comparatively old and well populated city; Dhaka and nearby Narayanganj (our home town) shared similar urban environment with densed neighborhoods (but we enjoyed more greens and openness), urban busyness on the street. 153 more words

Old Sketchbook

In the rain

I decided on this new section about two minutes ago, and I am a little afraid that I will regret this. I aim to write about my day, about the good things that happen in my life. 469 more words


User Profile Cannot Be Loaded.

Barely contained rage and spitting angry words through gritted teeth. A day that has been slow and caffeine heavy, a few moments of peace stolen by some technological fuckwittery. 72 more words


Exploring Southside

Instead of having a lazy lie-in on a Sunday like I usually do, I decided to get up and get exploring – since once the Poppy Appeal had started I wouldn’t have much time or energy. 194 more words


New ways of artistic expression .

I think it is important to be able to find new original concepts and ideas by which iĀ can express myself . I feel a need and a desire to work and produce something new out of a feeling of great satisfaction when i haveĀ achieved something i feel is good . 118 more words


Day 1 Of 12 week Fitness Challenge

So, I just finished day 1 of the 12 week fitness challenge. It was tough, but through sweat and pain, I got through it. Today was chest day so it was a lot of weight lifting with my arms. 105 more words