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Shemitta for Jews living in the Diaspora

In three weeks from now we are celebrating Rosh Hashana. This year is a very special one, as the Jewish world is entering another Shemitta year.
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Schemittah für Diaspora – Juden

Mit dem jüdischen Neujahrsfest Rosh Hashana welches wir Ende September feiern, treten wir in ein Schemittah – Jahr ein. Über viele Halachot Israel betreffend informiere ich noch, doch wie schaut es in der Diaspora aus ?
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Competing Images of African Men

This morning I was thinking about what it must feel like to a black African man living in a world that has a prepackaged identity for you. 952 more words

Annual Tip O’Neill Irish Diaspora Award

12th September 2014


There are numerous people of Irish ancestry in the worldwide Diaspora who deserve to be recognised in the Country of their ancestors and this award will acknowledge the achievements of those individuals. > More