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Lowering The Dosage

So here I am, in a really great place in my life. My medication is going great, as well as my general mental well being. I have decided, along with my psychiatrist to reduce my Diazepam dosage in a second attempt to go off it. 198 more words

Day +7

G-CSF and IVF Injections

WBC: 0.05, Hb: 90, PLT: 29, NEUTS: 0.03

I woke up this morning to the sound of me wiping out half the contest of my bedside table, no not my phone, not my thermometer, but no harm done it all survived the crash! 892 more words


Benzodiazepines: the demonised life saving drugs

As I noted in my previous post about LSD, I do not take a stereotypical anti-pharma view and I would be defending the class of drugs known as minor tranquillisers, or benzodiazepines if you really like sounding smart. 1,943 more words


Case #003 : "Sedia Payung Sebelum Hujan"

Rabu, 4 Desember 2014, Kec. Ngrambe, Ngawi. Jam 2 kurang seperempat dan jaga UGD puskesmas jam 2. Tas siap, jas siap, stetoskop siap, pulpen siap, badan siap (sudah tidur, mandi, dan makan), tinggal berangkat saja. 584 more words


Medicated I can do anything

Isn’t Diazepam wonderful? If you’ve never taken it, you’ll have to take my word for it. I was first prescribed it, ‘as required’, thirteen years ago. 360 more words

Best Medicine of Anxiety Disorders

In order to treat anxiety disorders, Valium is considered the best medicine which is also known by the name as benzodiazepine. This tablet is used to affects the chemicals in the brain for which person are facing with the problem of anxiety disorders. 215 more words


Turns out that eating plenty of diazepam and doubling my Sertaline dose 10 days before I’m due on my period pretty much cures my PMDD… 53 more words