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Travelogue, Santa Ana´s Square/ Cuaderno de viaje de la Plaza de Santa Ana, Madrid.

Here´s the second drawing we made in the workshop. First we decided how to plan the drawing in the sketchbook, then began to draw in a general way and if we didn´t had time to finish it(that was my case) we took a picture to have the reference for color and any details left behind. 68 more words

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Travelogue- Barrio de las Letras, Madrid- Cuaderno de viaje.

This past weekend I had a  travelogue workshop with the great Joaquin Dorao as master. It was a two day workshop walking around the Barrio de las Letras (Letters´s District) where important writers lived during the Golden Age (16th and 17th century in Spain) and we drew several corners of it as taking some notes as well. 70 more words

Art/ Arte

Semana 4

Esta semana en Me llamo Mikel la entrada que mas ha triunfado ha sido la número 70. No debí de explicarme bien con el texto que acompañaba al dibujo y mucha gente se pensó que tenía en mente… 202 more words

Me Llamo Mikel