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Written [P]review - Spell Stealers

Talk of the land is that a temple of legend contains artifacts of great worth, and a spell that can grant a kingdom great wealth – something that every adventurer is sure to take interest in. 1,806 more words


BattleBones: A Fantasy Dice Game, Now on Kickstarter

Hardcore wargamers often find themselves in battles that last for hours, and are more than happy to take a short break and re-field their armies. In effort to not burn out but stay in the gaming spirit, some folks wanted to make a game to play that would be light but relatable to their ongoing theme. 187 more words


King of Tokyo

Godzilla, Mothra, King Ghidorah.  They have fought many times over Japan.  With this dice game, King of Tokyo, players take on the roles of monsters inspired by these movies to fight each other and see who will be the one to rule Tokyo. 303 more words

Missing Gaming? So Are We.

As a family we love to play games. Just take a look around this blog and you can see that. Something else you may notice is that we play games in blocks of time, a few months here, a break, then a few months, and so on. 298 more words

Gaming Thought

Go Down The Rabbit Hole With PlayMe - On Kickstarter

You’ve fallen down, down the rabbit hole, and this whole thing seems awfully familiar. You see a small table with a box where you expect to see a potion; instead of the familiar bottle with a “Drink Me” tag, the box simply says “PlayMe”. 284 more words


D&D (or Any Other Level-based game) Session Experience Calculator

Had a great family vacation, and got a 93 in my online Java class, but now I’m back to focusing on writing and game design. For example: 351 more words


Game Review - Sutakku from Smirk & Dagger

Do you like to roll dice? Do you like to stack dice? Do you like to throw a little twist into game play? These 3 elements make up Sutakku. 629 more words