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Adventures in Gaming #1

Ah, my weekly gaming meetup… how I look forward to it!  It had been a bit of stressful start of the week, being Monday, so I was looking forward to the meet more than usual that day and was delayed in getting there, trying to finish up my last bit of work that needed to go out before the end of the day. 442 more words

Tabletop Games

Roll for it Review

I am a big advocate of learning through play and, more specifically, through playing tabletop games. I really think there’s such a broad range of skills that can be learnt through this medium, from maths and reading skills, to social skills like sharing, taking turns and working as part of a team.  444 more words

Family Life

Bang: The Dice Game

Design by Michael Palm and Lukas Zach
Published by dv Giochi
3 – 8 Players, 15 – 20 minutes
Review by Greg J. Schloesser 

NOTE:  This review was first published on the Opinionated Gamers website. 929 more words


Preliminary D&D 5e Customizable Character Sheet

Every character sheet I’ve ever seen had one major flaw: it was never suitable for every character the game could make. Mages need spell space (or have lots of powers). 365 more words