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New Video: 'When Ellington Swings'

It’s been a month since I have put anything on this site. That does not mean I have not been busy.

On the creative front, I have taken to writing some poems that tell the story of a cricket league game I play with my son called the Ten10 League. 106 more words

Simon Travers

Carcassonne, Ra, and Catan Dice Games

About a month ago, I did a roundup of three classic card games that were turned into dice games with mixed levels of success (which you can read… 1,478 more words

Game Talk : Game Burnout - Can It Be Avoided?

Game Talk is a series of articles about many aspects off gaming meant to provoke discussions about the tabletop gaming hobby. Perhaps you agree, or maybe you don’t. 1,254 more words

Board Games

Tabletop games what’s not to love? / The twelve days of gaming…

I love playing board games with my friends and family, not just the normal card & dice games like Gin, Yahtzee and Ludo but also some of the more weird ones like Munchkin, Mansion of Madness and Cards against humanity. 1,300 more words

My dysfunctional relationship with dice

A few weeks ago I filled this space with a bunch of my psychological problems with games. Despite all of that, I actually do enjoy games; I just have to be careful to not cross any of the many lines my psyche has drawn around them. 516 more words

The Castles of Feld

The Castles of Burgundy Review

For long I have wanted to do a review for this game. It is one of my favorite games and it’s from my most favorite game designer, Stefan Feld. 3,325 more words

Board Games

Race to Make It Out Alive with Cave Escape on Kickstarter

Imagine you’re hanging from the side wall of a cave shaft that leads down into a giant cavern. The earth is shaking all around you. Earlier this morning you were on an adventure with a crack team of explorers searching for ancient artifacts in a newly-discovered cavern. 287 more words