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Kickstarter Highlight - Limited Edition Every Round Counts Boxset

Do you like things that are limited edition?

Do you feel like every round counts?

Do you like box sets?!

Then look no further, we’re back once more with another… 563 more words


New Giveaway Video: DungeonMorph Dice!

New giveaway YouTube video… DungeonMorph Dice! Get your email in by this Friday at noon eastern time!  http://youtu.be/9amNlzfdJLk

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6 easy to follow cooking tips from my mom

When I first moved to Canada I couldn’t cook. I lie, I could make toast, coffee and popcorn and that was it.

Once the novelty of living alone and eating out all the time worn off I decided I needed to call for reinforcements so my mom, back home in Brazil, came to my assistance with some cool cooking tips.


Three Rolls

This one seems to get asked alot at finance interviews:

I will offer you a chance at the following game. I will roll this fair die up to 3 times.

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Ten Colorful And Entertaining Dice Nail Designs by Beauty and Hairstyle

Any person that has ever played a board game knows just how much exciting rolling a pair of dice can be. If board games are not as well much entertaining, than a trip to any casino, that has the dice game craps, is also going to agree that dice rolling along a table can be exciting… if you want to view full content please visit this … 7 more words