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Battlefront Inspires Nostalgia, Hope, and Just a Bit of Fear

When the name Star Wars: Battlefront is mentioned, a wave of childhood dreams slowly follow. From being able to fly an X-Wing around Cloud City, to piloting an AT-AT in the Battle of Hoth, from playing as the wise Jedi Yoda, to crushing the Rebellion with Darth Vader; you were able to become one with the Star Wars universe and turn the tides of the battles that we all grew up watching on the big screen. 263 more words

E3 2014

'Battlefield Hardline' Delayed to 2015

Publisher Electronic Arts has just announced that the upcoming cops versus robbers spin-off – Battlefield Hardline – has been officially delayed to early 2015. The decision has apparently been made in order to give developers Visceral Games and DICE more time to polish the FPS. 368 more words


Playstation 4 News: EA Confirm that 'Battlefield: Hardlines' Delayed to 2015

Tonight EA have made the announcement that the next chapter in the Battlefield game series, ‘Hardlines’ is to be delayed until 2015. After being shown at E3 and the surprise of a immediate beta on Playstation 4, EA have said in a statement that as a result of the beta feedback from players, they are choosing to delay the game until next year in order to be more innovative with the game, working on things that will make the game as good as it can be. 667 more words


Battlefield Hardline Delayed *BREAKING*

Visceral’s Battlefield Hardline has been officially delayed into 2015. More info to come, but the basic premise seems to be that they want to improve the single player experience, and add new ideas that the gaming community has come up with during the beta stage. 45 more words

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Roll of the moody dice

It’s not really quite possible to describe the “typical” amount of chaos that just hangs in the air at our house. I suppose that if you are neighbors, you probably hear it quite regularly. 733 more words


Try before you buy - Board games on iOS

Recently I’ve picked up a few games for the iPhone that started out as more traditional board or card games. A lot of them are great versions of the originals, with the added bonus of always being in your pocket, and allowing online games with friends who may not be able to make game night. 561 more words