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quantum particles

People are like quantum objects. There is no one real person, even at any given instant of time. They change when they’re observed. And their state doesn’t just depend on the process of being observed, but also on when they’re being observed, and who’s doing the observing. 219 more words

San Francisco, December 14-15, 2014

More than any other city on the planet, I had wanted to visit San Francisco — I had always dreamed of going there, ever since I was a little boy. 298 more words

Battlefield 4: Final Stand Fan Made Trailer is Amazing

One Vimeo user who goes by Luke created this awesome fan made trailer for the latest Battlefield 4 downloadable content Final Stand. We checked it out for ourselves and it’s even better than most professional trailers out there. 14 more words

Video Games

Roll for initiative! Rich, creamy Dice Fudge for your next Game Night.

A couple of weeks ago, Neo (the boyfriend) sent me a video link of someone sharing their recipe for crazy-simple microwave fudge. Just by watching the video I knew I had to make it. 862 more words


Snake Eyes

“Gimme the dice, you son of a bitch!” Bobby Comlies grinned.  He felt good.  He felt Lady Luck’s presence.  He started the night off on a streak of good rolls, and even though he hadn’t won a bet in twenty minutes he knew he was due. 3,364 more words


Cubing At 4-Away, 2-Away

by Gerry Tansey

Suppose that you are trailing in a 5-point match by the score of 3-1.  The bad news is that you only have about a 33 percent chance of winning the match against an opponent of equal strength.  1,026 more words