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Chris Rock Says Tracy Morgan Is 'Traumatized' But Is 'OK'

Chris Rock says Tracy Morgan is doing ‘OK,’ four months after he suffered massive injuries in a deadly bus crash on June 7, Morgan, 45, was riding in a limo bus with other comedians and friends on a New Jersey highway after performing a standup show when a Walmart truck run into their vehicle, killing comic James ‘Jimmy Mack’ McNair, 62, injuring others and Tracy. 46 more words

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There's a Legend on the Phone . . .

Ed Schmitt is a Marquette PhD alum who teaches at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside.  A few months ago he received a surprise phone all from a living legend–the Civil Rights activist James Meredith… 880 more words

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Samuel Billy Kyles (With MLK When He Was Shot) Caught Implicating His Involvment In Shooting

Wow that was a slip of a lifetime. I played this over and over trying to come up with some other explaination for him to say these words. (11)


The N Word Controversy

As we all know, there has been a lot of controversy surrounding the N word. This six letter(or five letter, depending on which one is being used) word has been dubbed ‘the filthiest, dirtiest, nastiest word in the English language’ by some while others use it casually as a ‘slang’ term in today’s popular, hip hop culture. 1,401 more words


Take it to the Streets

I wrote a poem related to the incident in Ferguson because I felt inclined to do something. I will be honest, I have been sleep. It is not that I did not know racial profiling and racism existed, I was hoping that it wasn’t as bad and that the inequality gap was getting smaller. 502 more words