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How many of us really stop just for a moment and think about our words. How powerful they are. How we use them so carelessly. 182 more words

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This morning I had an informal interview with a person I have respected and known for a long time. What I came to realize is that even though we have known each other for a long time, we really have never “known” each other. 243 more words

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I am a driving wanker.

Someone who claims to be of higher intelligence than others, understands the finer thing in life, and generally deems themself a higher being than most others; they often refer to the ‘lesser beings’ as peasant or philistines. 227 more words

"In The Beginning There Was A Void Except For The Written Word." The Avengers (Band)

11 Leadership Skills

The 11 Leadership Skills

  1. Communicating:

Too much is better than to little. Share what you learn, what you know and everyone wins. Communicating is more than words. 568 more words

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Why Work With A Coach?

People that can benefit working with a coach are:

> People that are searching for want or who they want to be.

> People that have lost confidence in themselves. 118 more words

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"Ten Things To Think About"

“Ten Things To Think About!”

1.) Evaluation (Where am I right now?)

2.) Internal Promotion (What you repeat in your mind is what will come out in your actions) 115 more words

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Doer's Do -- Slackers Don't

Doers Do – Slackers Don’t

Are you a doer or a slacker? Do you do what needs to be done or do you put it off until the last moment and rush to make it happen? 495 more words

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