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Detective 136 - Batman meets Captain Morgan

It was not unusual for the generic Batman and Robin covers to have no connection to the interior stories, but the cover for Detective 136 (June 1948) is amazingly specific, and still has no connection to the interior story. 118 more words

Detective 113 - Batman helps a woman catch oysters, and the Boy Commandos visit Jan

Detective 113 (July 1946) has a surprisingly progressive Batman and Robin story by Bill Finger, with art by Dick Sprang

We meet Captain Jibbs and his daughter Josephine, who wants to run an oyster boat just like her aging father did.  300 more words

Detective 104 - Batman and the billboards

Batman and Robin’s story in Detective 104 (Oct. 45) is fun, with great Dick Sprang art, but the most interesting thing, for me, was realizing that the sprawl of billboards goes so far back that there could be a story about it in 1945. 119 more words

Detective 102 - The Joker steals a house, and Air Wave meets dancing mice

I may have decided to skip the run of the mill tales, but as Detective 102 (Aug. 45) shows, I am including all the tales with the recurring villains, no matter how stupid. 186 more words

Detective 99 - The Penguin puts people on ice

The Penguin returns in Detective 99 (May 1944), with a devilish plan.  His men kidnap people, whom he freezes and then returns to their families, demanding payment to thaw them out. 35 more words

Detective 96 - Alfred opens up shop

Another generic Batman and Robin cover for Detective 96 (Feb. 45).

Alfred takes centre stage in this Dick Sprang tale.  He takes a months vacation, and heads to a small town, opening up as a private detective. 73 more words

Detective 95 - Batman vs the Blaze, and the Boy Commandos in a haunted castle

Another generic Batman and Robin cover on Detective 95 (Jan. 45), but considering the villain in this issue, it’s no loss.

The Blaze is introduced in this Mort Weisinger story, and thanks to Dick Sprang’s art, he looks interesting.  192 more words