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Make-up sex

What’s up dicks and pussies?

I’m jumping right in this one head first….get it head first…

Make-up sex is one of the best fucking sexes you can have, hands down! 260 more words


Red Light Special

Hello dicks and pussies. Tonight I’m talking about the red light special.

How many of you horny little devils ever been to a whore house? I’m not talking about a raunchy ass whore house, but one with class. 411 more words


Is there such a thing as too much sex?

What’s up dicks and pussies? Tonight I want to ask is there such a thing as too much sex?

My answer to that question is………HELL NO! 317 more words



What’s happing dicks and pussies? Tonight’s subject id “Threesomes”. How many of you have been involved in a threesome? I know that’s a man’s dream to fuck two bad bitches at one time. 376 more words


Fuckng with a sex nempho

What’s up dicks and pussies? Tonight I’m gonna talk about  a sex junky, sex fiend, nympho. How many of you have dated a sex fiend? My hand is raised high. 275 more words



Hey Dicks and Pussies. The subject at hand tonight is Dominatrix. Yes! Submission to sexual demands.

Now I don’t know about ya’ll, but I love to give sexual demands and I love to follow orders while being fucked. 235 more words


One night stand

Hey pussies and dicks of the world. Today Porn Star Bitch is gonna talk about one night stands. I’ve had a couple of one night stands and I must say that its a fucking rush. 281 more words