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Text Break Up

So many people cannot understand the hardship associated with breaking up via text. There is a reason breaking up should be done face-to-face.

When someone breaks up with someone via text, the… 245 more words


I hope Mark Latham never suffers from something for which he wants sympathy...

Thousands of people all around the world do something positive to help address the stigma of mental illness, or do something loving and kind to support someone they know who has a mental illness, or just bravely acknowledge the mental illness they have and do whatever it is that helps them manage it every day. 238 more words

"i'm sorry but..." is not an apology.

following “i’m sorry” with “but” usually means you’re going to follow it up with something offensive like “i told you so” or “that’s just plain stupid.” in that case, you’re not actually sorry. 131 more words

A night together, filling the van and a loud 'penis' at work

He came home early from work! We got a whole evening together.
We put lots of stuff in the van. Its becoming a real little home! 39 more words

Cultural Difference YOLO

For those of you who haven’t heard YOLO it means you only live once. I wouldn’t normally talk about YOLO since in Australia it has come to mean acting like a complete dickhead. 785 more words

Dickhead !

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