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The 8 D*ckheads Every Woman In Her 20's Will Date

They say you have to kiss a few frogs before you actually meet prince charming, which in non Disney terms roughly translates to “you have to date a few twats before you meet Mr Right”. 945 more words


I have a bad taste in my mouth.

I’ve decided to withdraw the original of this post from my blog. At the time I was pretty annoyed with something I’d done and thought it would help to put it into words. 46 more words

Story Time

Booty call blue what now?

I’m seeing the guy I got with at Glastonbury tomorrow for the third time back in London.

It’s nice, we have a nice time together and I think I might like him. 311 more words


Thomas Müller, bearded folk and a huge FUCK YOU.

I have become obsessed with football again, because of one extremely talented and very beautiful Germany midfielder. 

To be honest, I have become obsessed with many men recently, it is like my female hormones are in overdrive. 216 more words

Why Phil Plait is a Dickhead

Phil Plait, who presumably in an effort to be ironically self-deprecating, tweets under the handle @badastronomer (being closer to the mark than he realizes) penned the… 1,296 more words

I Want A Drink, Look At Me Look At Me!

Hey buddy! Mate! Oi mate! Can I get a drink? *flicks fingers*

I’m pretty certain that one of the biggest things to piss off bartenders is the loud idiot standing at the bar yelling at you to get your attention. 548 more words