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Stroke Core Measures

VTE prophylaxis

VTE prophylaxis was provided with TED stockings and sequential compression devices on the day of admission.

Pharmacologic VTE prophylaxis was not initiated becuase patient had a hemorrhagic stroke. 328 more words

[A Child's Garden of Verses] The Swing



그네를 타고 높이 나는 걸,
푸른 하늘 높이 오르는 걸 좋아하니?
아, 나는 그게 어린이가 할 수 있는
가장 멋진 일이라고 생각해

공중 높이 날아 담을 넘어서 81 more words


Nuance NaturallySpeaking rocks

Hello Nuance. Have you popped up my user profile again? That’s not popped up that’s fucked up. I know, that wasn’t in my vocabulary was it? 525 more words

Nuance Dragon Dictate 4 is nearly word perfect (review)

Speech recognition is one of those technologies that took a long time to get off the ground, but in today’s world of smartphones, wearables, and smart home devices, it’s suddenly everywhere. 3,444 more words


Calling all hygienists who work unassisted, Free audio software to first ten users

coming soon, EasyMedRecord is a hands free simple way of quickly dictating notes and perio charting for processing later. I am giving away 10 free copies when it is released for hygienists to test. 252 more words

EasyMedRecord - a crazy easy to use Windows Audio note recorder for Dentists

Announcing the upcoming release of this new Audio note recorder I have been developing. Its something that sits in your Windows 7 System Tray, running quietly in the background waiting for you to press a simple shortcut key on the keyboard. 542 more words

How writing helps me get fit

It sounds like a paradox. How can writing – a very calm and quiet activity – help you get into shape?

Well, take it from me, the grand high wizard of couch potato-ness, whose only interests involve sitting or lying down. 197 more words