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E29 I've done this before, I know I have.

I had a dream that I have the power of suggestion at least in the dream. It started off as a purely sexual dream we were wrong by a vicious pimp and I wanted the attention of one specific guy. 773 more words


Draw Your Readers in with Great Imagery

Draw Your Readers in with Great Imagery

by Nick Nebelsky

I just finished reading a blog by Kevin J. Anderson that was featured on the… 626 more words



You came on evening light

uttered soft greetings,

“Tell my tale,” you whispered,

and so begins



This weekend, as I was drifting off to sleep (see yesterday’s poem), I was introduced to Dustin who wanted to tell me the story of his life with Lydia.  65 more words


Communication strategies - 'ELF priorities' post 3 of 3

This is the last in a series of posts looking at three areas of pronunciation which we’ve found ourselves working on time and again with different classes. 545 more words


Apple wrap-up

This is the final post in a series of apple-themed lessons and activities. I hope you’ve enjoyed them all so far, and want to share a few more ideas today as we wrap up. 327 more words


More Jack Spicer fragments

  • I wish I were like an ocean: wild, lovable and with a window
  • Eros, Do That!
  • I within I within i etc.
  • why can’t we sing songs like nightingales?
  • 10 more words