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What Happens When a Dictator Shaves?

By David Michael Newstead    

When a man shaves his face, he looks in a mirror and at himself. What’s reflected back is then filtered and viewed through the lens of his psyche. 1,919 more words

Reflecting on 21!

This is my first attempt at blogging, so be kind! It’s an attempt at finding a way to channel the daily frustrations of life as an Autism/ Asperger’s parent, and arguably wife,. 821 more words


Five hilariously insane dictators that redefine the way we understand man’s relationship with power

by Bogdan Sucilă

The temptation of power and the ability to exercise dominance over fellow members of one’s “tribe” has long been a vivid temptation for almost any member of the animal kingdom, humans included. 1,238 more words


Follow the Leader

I consider myself a bit of an everyday superhero. Mostly because there’s more glory in being a superhero than super villain, but also partly because it sounds nice on my resume.  523 more words