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Words I Love 028 - Sequential

Today’s ‘Word I Love’ is a logical choice…




adjective: sequential

  1. forming or following in a logical order or sequence.

    “a series of sequential steps”

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President Obama, Grammatically Incorrect

Delbert H. Rhodes, Op-ed

Story, The Obamas keep it REAL! -Ann Tripp, WBLS News

Of the many (troubling) things this country suffers, what is more disturbing is that the nation’s President represents as grammatically incorrect, … 482 more words


the word of the year is

As you know it is almost the end of the year. We have three words from three dictionarys that best defines 2014. From Merriam-Webster we have “culture. 217 more words


These days, we usually hear the word concerted as part of the phrase, concerted effort, and it seems to be used generally to mean… 454 more words


For the love of opera

Born in Lisbon in 1931, American tenor Nico Castel was raised in Venezuela, and finally made his way to New York to pursue his musical interests where he became the first winner of the “Joy in Singing” award which launched his career. 383 more words


Accent on Accent

Can you change your accent?

Can you learn a language? If you can learn a language, you can refine those language skills even further.

Remember the beginning stages of learning a new language, and how hard it was to make unusual sounds? 382 more words

Business Communication


I don’t know how we made it over the Mountains and through the treacherous river, but Cacambo and I did it. We discovered a lost world, El Dorado, where the children play with gems as big as my head and the pebbles in the street are worth more than all of Westphalia! 287 more words

Rising Action