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Inward Planes

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Inward planes of colours supported

dimensions, transmigrations; soul’s deported

in all ways, path-day and emotions

lead to Nirvana, One with God’s reported… 143 more words


Dragons Vs. Angels

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Think for yourself, maintain your own health

wealth subsides in non-conformist routes

question Authority; your a minority

yet common tear’s drop circlet rings… 634 more words


Tywin Maiden

You can tell a lot about someone by their shower rituals. Some of the more artsy types like to sing in the shower, or draw things on the condensation, with more sensible people actually washing themselves. 763 more words




Don’t get me wrong – as a writer, the best way to develop a good vocabulary is to read and write constantly and at every opportunity you get, and it’s not a good habit to simply look up big words to use in place of the word that maybe first came to your mind while writing.  135 more words


“It was like having every good-bye ever said to me – said all at once.”

-Lang Leav

Eloquence is a delicate thing and difficult to teach, as it is not something that is easily identifiable but easily recognizable. 267 more words

Critical Failure

I like to think of myself as a fairly reasonable and rational person when it comes to my fears. Instead of being afraid of irrational things: like ghosts, clowns, and My Little Pony, I’m made of sterner stuff and instead afraid of the anti-bacterial hand wash sitting in my bathroom. 241 more words


* bee-ntanglement with ross gay

I like reading a poem and finding myself admiring how tangled it is in its words. When done well, it changes Robert Frost’s adage No tears for the poet, no tears for the reader  265 more words