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Research Journal 15

For the menus shown at the end of chapter two of The Wayne Writer, there are various patterns apparent in the genre. One pattern can be identified in the content of the menus. 471 more words

On Colloquialism in Fantasy Writing

Language is a powerful thing. So much is wrapped up in that word, so many divisions that separate and define people–Southern Americans versus Midwesterners, Cornish versus Cockney, etc. 462 more words


Describing Someone With Two Words (David Copperfield Ch. 15)

Janet!  Donkies!

These two words completely and with great detail describe Mrs. Betsey Trottwood.

As stated by the book, her apparent quirkiness and meticulousness are both shown in two words. 

222 more words
David Copperfield

viSNu sahasranAma: Benefits for actors!

My young actor friend called today. With questions about the advantages of learning sanskrit and learning how to properly chant the Vishnu Sahasranama. I thought I would share the summary with you. 129 more words

Ancient Indians


Words are both my weakness and my strength
and your words have left me rather speechless and I’m just trying to comprehend
the brilliance that is you. 97 more words


More Fun with Old Lexicons of English: biological

The concept tripping me up linguistically today is how a man of the early 1800s might have expressed “biological child” when referring to making sure a baby born in wedlock was, well, … 152 more words