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Rain and Tears

Rain and Tears: A Short Story

She wanted to cry. Her heart was an aching mess, her chest a heavy weight, and her body a weary soul. 1,539 more words


defining thanksgiving via the dictionary

I was sitting around listening to music when I found myself pondering How does Google define thanksgiving? Below is the answer. It is always fun to see how the dictionary defines something like a holiday. 55 more words

Naked Snails & Threatening Chickens (The German Model)

German has some cracking words. It can sometimes be a model for us Anglishers to follow — although I have repeatedly and specifically warned against a… 187 more words


A Fancy Way of Rambling

New favorite word:

Blatherskite: a person who talks at great length without making much sense.

AKA what this blog is all about.

That is, when I remember it exists. Whoops, sorry folks.


Tuesday 11 November

Today is Veteran’s Day.

Begin Tone/Diction/Imagery. We will have an assessment on this next week.

* diction: the author’s choice of words. Diction is heavily influenced by a word’s denotation (dictionary meaning) and connotation (emotional meaning). 29 more words


Uprofessional Acronyms

I wrote TOEFL two years ago, when I got the essay part of the examination, I was excited because the topics were fun and my fingers flew on the keyboard. 314 more words

Real Life

First and Final Draft

Blogging is so intimidating. And to think I want to write a book some day. It’s intimidating when you are a teen with not so broad of a vocabulary. 151 more words