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Worth Reading: "The Undefeated Champions of Defeat City"

Ask me if I enjoy sports writing, and I’ll probably tell you “No.”

Unless, that is, you happened to catch me the day before yesterday, when I read Kathy Dobie’s exceptional article, … 259 more words

Good Writing. Read It.


What sounds better to you? “she didn’t so much walk as glide, like a silken duchess,” or “like a silken countess?”

On the one hand, “silken duchess” flows better because the tongue doesn’t have to hit the brakes between words, but the word “countess” has a more elegant connotation. 13 more words


One Hundred Days of Blogging - Day Five

It’s Sunday, which means there’s a This Week in Misadventures post around the corner as well. I’d say that’ll be fun. Probably. If nothing else, it’ll offset this business of being awake at 4a.m., which is a time of day only birds and overly-caffeinated college students should experience. 861 more words


Review of "The Holy Mark: The Tragedy of a Fallen Priest"

Title: The Holy Mark: The Tragedy of a Fallen Priest
Writer: Gregory Alexander
Publication Date: February 25, 2014
Number of Pages: 290
ISBN: 10: 1626524998 /  359 more words


Too menny

July 11 is United Nations’ World Population Day, and we submit a pair of graphs for the occasion. The first graph shows the incidence rate of the word “overpopulate” during the past two hundred years; the second charts the world population’s growth over that same period. 187 more words



I wished a wish upon a star
Dimensions and spheres o so far
Entering in I am from Mars
My soul collectively patiently scarred

As such the nebula of light… 126 more words



Once upon a time a lost
Was were my heart stood
Its presence was a sense of self
While now I’m in oblivion
I hide behind my serade of masks… 368 more words