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OED- week 5 (Racially sensitive content)

For this week’s blog post I chose to analyze the word ‘nigger’ from part 4, section XI(11) page 65, within the part of the story where Laura speaks about how her school psychologist had given her the spiel of ‘women should be happy with their lot in life’: … 563 more words

Blog 5

Russell Pearce gaff holds valuable lessons for midterm voters

GOP’s reaction to Pearce’s comments predictable and unhelpful

Most of you in all likeliness had never heard of Russell Pearce before this week, or perhaps you are still unfamiliar. 679 more words

Eight Essential Writing Lessons Journalism Taught Me, Part 2

We sat, about 20 or so of us, at our desks in a classroom high in Kansas University’s Flint Hall. A bank of windows offered a beautiful view of the Wakarusa River valley, but out attention was directed at our professor, Susanne Shaw, giving a mock news conference about a fictitious house fire. 333 more words

Two Line Poem : Ezra Pound

The apparition of these faces in the crowd;
petals on a wet, black bough.


At home in the void

When Copernicus showed that the Earth orbits the sun, his heliocentric model of the cosmos placed our local star not only in the middle of the solar system but at the center of the universe itself. 1,133 more words



estudiando para el GRE — una lista de (algunas) palabras que necesito aprender! 

deified — deify — worship

probity — having strong moral/ethical principles

renowned – famous // enduring – long lasting… 290 more words