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“It was like having every good-bye ever said to me – said all at once.”

-Lang Leav

Eloquence is a delicate thing and difficult to teach, as it is not something that is easily identifiable but easily recognizable. 267 more words


Critical Failure

I like to think of myself as a fairly reasonable and rational person when it comes to my fears. Instead of being afraid of irrational things: like ghosts, clowns, and My Little Pony, I’m made of sterner stuff and instead afraid of the anti-bacterial hand wash sitting in my bathroom. 241 more words


* bee-ntanglement with ross gay

I like reading a poem and finding myself admiring how tangled it is in its words. When done well, it changes Robert Frost’s adage No tears for the poet, no tears for the reader  265 more words

Orphan Words

Do you use the word must or do you have to write some extra words in order to avoid that word?

It is quite interesting to observe how often people write… 517 more words

Craftsmanship Of Writing

Recently Discovered Words

As I’m reading, I often come across words I don’t know, have never heard of, or have never clearly understood. I try to note these down on the back page(s) of the book and follow up by looking up their definitions. 93 more words

Intern Button Does The News

Because of some technical issues over at WBZ this morning, intern Button had the opportunity to show off his shining diction skills by doing our hourly news segments. 126 more words


New Weekly Project!: Shuffle Prompt Tuesday

Kelsie here, editor and admin of Diction and Metaphor. Still would love to see your art, poetry, and short fiction submissions! Please visit the… 266 more words