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Faster Than Life

When it comes to strategy games I am a total addict. I have hundreds of hours on XCOM, I’ve beaten Civ V on its highest difficulty, rained death on the virtual battlefields of Shogun 2, and spent thousands of hours in the constant pursuit of perfection in DotA and Dota2. 840 more words


I’ve had to slack on this blog, as I’ve been overwhelmed with commercial orders and various life issues. I’ve tried to pencil in time to keep reading before bed, though, and in starting the book “How to Read Novels Like a Professor” by Thomas C. 490 more words

Get a Voice

“Success in voice-over is not a question of class of accent. It is a question of clarity of thought and diction coupled with the ability to communicate subtle thoughts and desires normally masked by words.” (Bernard Graham Shaw)

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Eminem, The Rap God

Rap/Hip-Hop has become a huge popular genre in the music industry. Two talented rappers who have left a mark in the rap industry are Eminem and P-Diddy. 1,671 more words

Time to Innovate! Now what?

What information can you garner from the graph above? There’s an upward trend circa 1950? It covers ~210 units (in this case years)? Maybe you don’t really care because the title is conspicuously absent, and therefore the graph is meaningless (in which case I’d love to shake your hand).  666 more words


Who is the best?! Eminem!


There are many talented rappers around the world. However, in order to be recognized in the rap industry, many rappers battle each other to prove that they are the best of the best. 970 more words