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On the radio today I heard a discussion about counselling people through denial when their children die tragically, as in the Korean ferry sinking that happened recently. 140 more words


Choose Wisely: So let's talk about Diction.

Now that we’ve covered tone let’s move onto the diction within a work of literature.

Diction, or word choice, is looking at the simple issue of why did they pick that word over another. 600 more words



She looks at you with such amazement

You look at her with such apprehension


She won’t blink
In fear that you’ll disappear

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She’s perfect in every way
Like a rosebud with morning dew
The world marvels
As she dances through life

He’s defective in every way
Like a toy without batteries… 66 more words

Faster Than Life

When it comes to strategy games I am a total addict. I have hundreds of hours on XCOM, I’ve beaten Civ V on its highest difficulty, rained death on the virtual battlefields of Shogun 2, and spent thousands of hours in the constant pursuit of perfection in DotA and Dota2. 840 more words


I’ve had to slack on this blog, as I’ve been overwhelmed with commercial orders and various life issues. I’ve tried to pencil in time to keep reading before bed, though, and in starting the book “How to Read Novels Like a Professor” by Thomas C. 490 more words