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Repossession: Reclaimed Slurs and Lexicography

[Ed. note: this post contains language that is considered extremely inflammatory. Caveat lector.]

People forward language articles to me all the time–usually the same article multiple times, until my inbox is nothing but language links and plaintive requests from Wine.com to buy more booze, please. 2,171 more words


Heaving bosoms: the problems with Lingua.ly

Lingua.ly is an Israeli start-up which, in its own words, ‘is an innovative new learning solution that helps you learn a language from the open web’. 1,391 more words


Should auld acquaintance be forgot

I’m advocating for deletions from the English language.  Each year the venerable Oxford scholars approve new words, but I propose that for every word they want to add into English, they cut a word at the same time. 564 more words


Good Old Days Ahead, Right Behind You

Ask my friend how he is doing and he invariably replies, “Better than yesterday; worse than tomorrow.” He does not say it automatically, so it does not wander into cuteness; he is 83, so it betrays only his octogenarian optimism, something I aspire to have 34 years from today. 983 more words

Daily Prompt

Vape Wafts To Oxford Accolade

I’d been wondering more than usual this year as to what Oxford Dictionaries would announce as its word of the year. The reason is that I don’t think it has been a vintage year for words. 414 more words


LOL if you must, but the internet is actually making English better

The internet is positively amazeballs. But the unedited, character-limited way we communicate on the web and mobile is often blamed for ruining the purity of language, English or otherwise. 417 more words

Baseball, culture and language

For Americans baseball is much more than just a sport.  There is a whole culture tied to baseball that tells us where we come from, what our values are and how we view the world.   294 more words

Places We Have Been