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I'm not OK with OK

Published July 18, 2006
Every time I play my mandolin, I’m enchanted with its rich, ringing tone. It’s a superb instrument, eclipsing instruments thrice its price. 683 more words


Guidebooks for the English explorer

Published May 17, 2005
Ten books capture the world of words. They are the compass, cook stove and Swiss Army knife of every writing expedition, guiding the writer through the English forest. 741 more words


Firefox - The best web browser of the world

What’s Firefox?

It’s a free software that allows access to websites easy and quick.

Firefox System Requirements

This software changes their requirements as time goes by. 101 more words


Repossession: Reclaimed Slurs and Lexicography

[Ed. note: this post contains language that is considered extremely inflammatory. Caveat lector.]

People forward language articles to me all the time–usually the same article multiple times, until my inbox is nothing but language links and plaintive requests from Wine.com to buy more booze, please. 2,171 more words


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Futuristic dictionary from the past

Published Feb. 2, 2009
I use the latest editions of dictionaries for writing and editing, but I love old editions, which often include sections that offer what is now historical information or a look at another time. 623 more words


Woolgathering and widdershins — a journey through words

Published Sept. 29, 2003
Woolgathering is defined variously as idle daydreaming and to let one’s mind wander from the matter at hand. Related words are mosey, saunter, dawdle, lollygag, goldbrick, loiter, lounge, laze, and more, and in a society that is obsessed with production, these terms are saddled with negative connotations. 487 more words