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New Word

At school I, along with my fellow pupils was encouraged to create a mini dictionary. Each time I discovered an unfamiliar word I would look it up in the dictionary and enter it into my little book. 100 more words

Curé: Remedies & Resources for Writers

Curé: Remedies & Resources for Writers & Other Creative Minds

No matter the medium or the genre, every writer and creative person across fields has a trusted collection of resources they rely on to conceive and create their art. 476 more words


English Matters: A Post for English Majors Everywhere

Last week one of the bloggers I follow, Linda at The Task at Hand, wrote an entertaining piece about spelling correctly in this age of spell-check.  619 more words

Books And The Literary Life

Comrade V.V. Pokhlebkin's Treatises on Russian Food

If you want to know anything about Russian food – and I mean extensively and thoroughly know – the man to go to is V.V. Pokhlebkin. 837 more words



Neologism – /niːˈɒlədʒɪzəm/; from Greek νέο- néo-, ‘new’ and λόγος lógos, ‘speech, utterance’, borrowed from the French, néologisme in the 1700s, is the creation of new words, which of course is nothing new, Shakespeare was a master neologist and before him, well, someone had to invent them. 744 more words

Word Wise

The compendium of invented words written by John Koenig

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Surfing the internet I came across this dictionary of obscure sorrows. I declare I am a serious admirer of this compendium.


Extract from “The dictionary of obscure sorrows” by John Koenig… 166 more words