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Supplements, Gallicisms, Terminology Galore!

In my last entry, I told you that translation supplements of La Scena Musicale articles were available only for subscribers. That statement still holds true. However, I am pleased to inform you that I have access to the English and French supplements that accompany texts in this month’s issue. 371 more words


Alergología e inmunología: a new Cosnautas resource

A new resource was added to Cosnautas in March: Diccionario inglés-español de alergología e inmunología clínica, by Juan Manuel Igea Aznar. I’ve been browsing through the dictionary to see how it might help me the next time the subject crops up in a translation. 436 more words


Word of the Day: concurrent



  1.  occurring or existing simultaneously or side by side: concurrent attacks by land, sea, and air.
  2.  acting in conjunction; cooperating: the concurrent efforts of several legislators to pass the new law.
  3. 97 more words

Word of the Day -- Desultory

I found this word while reading Who the Hell is Pansy O’Hara? by Jenny Bond and Chris Sheedy.  It was in the chapter about James Jones and thank goodness I had my dictionary handy. 197 more words

Word Definition

Why Use "Digging Implement" When "Spade" Will Do?


One of my favourite writers is Roddy Doyle, author of The Commitments, The Van, The Woman Who Walked into Doors and Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha… 403 more words


Learning to Learn: Using Bilingual Dictionaries and translation

My dear Journal! :)

It is hard to miss the fact that students use L1 when they are trying to learn a new language, in fact everyone without exception will resource to it in the beginning of the journey, and sometimes it becomes a crutch instead of a tool, true. 1,072 more words


Speak Your Mind 181 #901-905


1. Do you like to use the dictionary?

2. What is (are) the main street(s) in your town (city)?

3. Have you ever ridden on a train? 78 more words

Answered By Austin Smith