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Things Writers Need - Dictionaries

In this next installment, it’s time to talk about more tools of the trade.

Last time, of course, I talked about the word processor, and why I like small, minimal ones instead of monolithic, fully-featured ones — for the drafting process, at least. 1,696 more words

Writing About Writing

Python Lists and Dictionaries

Hello Everyone.. I hope you are having a good time learning Python and putting it to good use. In this post, (which is going to be a long post :) ) we are going to look at Python Lists and Dictionaries. 580 more words

Python Learning


While browsing the Internet for the news I came across a sentence “Today this image of (Putin’s) respectability is in a shambles, lying in ruin by the shattered remains of Malaysian Airways Flight 17. 275 more words

The Benefits of Dictionary Flipping

I have been so busy with work lately that I haven’t written anything. That is about to change as I have several drafts of posts for the second half of the summer. 838 more words

Language Learning


In my student times the commencement ceremony, which was usually held in May and marked the end of graduate studies, included our shaking the hand of the department’s mascot Piff and subsequent touching a v-e-e-e-e-ry thick Merriam-Webster Dictionary. 365 more words

NPR Puzzle Solved: Actress From the Past

The Challenge

Name a famous actress of the past whose last name has 5 letters. Move the middle letter to the end to name another famous actress of the past.

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Puzzle Solving!

In Praise of Order

Call me a control freak, but I like things to be well organized. Having worked with Python for the past year, I’ve been in a constant fight to retrieve data from dictionaries in the same order I entered them. 186 more words

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