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Making writing fun with the Oxford Children’s Colour Dictionary

Nilanjana Banerji,  Editor of Children’s Dictionaries for Oxford Education gives us a sneak peek behind the creation of the brand new edition of the Oxford Children’s Colour Dictionary…

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The changing landscape of language

My neighbourhood is changing. For one thing, a building is going up next to mine. It won’t directly obstruct my view, but if I stand at my window and turn my head to my right, there it is: a large piece of concrete staring back at me. 466 more words


Swift Cheat Sheet.


var colors = ["red", "blue"]
var moreColors: String[] = ["orange", "purple"] // explicit type
colors.append("green") // 
colors += "yellow" // 
colors += moreColors // 

var days = ["mon", "thu"]
var firstDay = days[0] // mon
days.insert("tue", atIndex: 1) // 
days[2] = "wed" // 
days.removeAtIndex(0) //
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        Often my students get stuck either spelling a word or trying to find a more appropriate word for their writing. At other times, they just want a quick definition, part of speech, or sentence if they have been exposed to a new word in a text. 325 more words

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Thriller about the dictionary (!) aims high and falls just short

The Word Exchange, Alena Graedon (Random House, 2014)

In the not-so-distant future nearly everyone owns a Meme, a sort of supercharged iPhone that can access information not only across the Internet but inside your brain. 626 more words