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Woodcuts by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner

These woodcuts are by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, another founding member of Die Brücke. He committed suicide. I like these prints very much, although the figures he creates are generally more simplified than I would try to create myself. 64 more words

Erich Heckel and Die Brücke (German Expressionist Printmaking)

I have been examining an art movement known as Die Brücke (The Bridge). I love the style of printmaking the movements is associated with. I also love the philosophical side of this art; Friedrich Nietzsche’s writings are an influence to the group.  117 more words

Expresionismo alemán: Grupo Die Brücke

El exresionismo es una vanguardia que surgió en Alemania, desarrollándose concretamente en Dresde. Es un estilo que acentúa la deformación de la realidad, siendo esta representada según sea concebida por el autor. 740 more words

Arte Del XX