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To Die Young

She says she wants to die young, leave her life like an unfinished sentence. She wants to be untouched by age and the crippling weaknesses it shares with those it holds. 116 more words

Time to Rethink Every Future Food Choice

A 32-year-old obese man lies on an emergency room gurney – he’s just had a heart attack. The doctor is baffled, but the man is taken through every food and lifestyle choice he ever made, going back to when his parents made them. 15 more words


Live Fast and Die Young, because Old Age is for Failures.......

I should probably clarify; this is a bold statement, emboldened further by the fact that i’m only 19 years old. But hear me out. Longevity is overrated. 303 more words

For Your Consideration

I'm destined to die young

Is there such a thing, no not the destined part but the idea that someone may be fated to die at a relatively young age. By the way my definition of young lasts until about 40/45 years old. 347 more words

My Life

The Earl Grey vous offre une chanson

 The Earl Grey offre sur bandcamp “The Monster Mashup”, une cover qui inclut un extrait de “The Monster” (de Rihanna & Eminem), “Wake Me Up” (de Avicii) et “Die Young” (de Ke$ha). 11 more words

So Good To Die Young (Draft 1)

So Good
To Die Young

I had a Father who hated the world so much,
hated his Mother who had TB and left him
alone in an Orphanage where they diluted… 98 more words

Douglas Gilbert