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Tragic Beauty

Actress Evelyn Mchale’s suicide, May 1st 1947. She jumped from the Empire State Building.

Millennial Commitment.

What’s a relationship? Do people still have those or is everyone just feigning fear of commitment?

Not long ago, my sister’s boyfriend told me that he and my sister had just started dating…officially, like it was news, even though they’d been almost inseparable for about 4 months beforehand. 504 more words


Too wasted to die young?

Tự dưng đang nghe bài Lithium của Nirvana, không chỉ làm mình liên tưởng đến Kurt Cobain vì một cái chết quá trẻ, nhưng cũng làm mình suy nghĩ đến những cuộc đời tài năng nhưng bạc phận không chỉ ở thị trường USUK mà toàn thế giới nói chung. 647 more words

L'Wren My Love, Sweet Dreams

I think it is quite known that I have an admiration for these women who make something of themselves from nothing, and in the process change so much and so little. 230 more words

Good News For Those Who Smoke Regularly

“If you smoke regularly, please, also endeavour to call your lawyer to update your will regularly. One of those sticks will eventually be your last.”

                                            – Samod Biobaku

Samod Biobaku

Live fast, die young

I’m the worst kind of girl. Because I can be a little angel anytime I want and the devil within doesn’t have a problem with it.

37. Dirty 30

Dear Jon,

I miss you.  28 year olds aren’t supposed to die of cancer.  28 year olds are supposed to hug their 10 month old sons with arms that aren’t emaciated.   179 more words