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Can ATM Operators Beat Skimmers By Simply Rotating Card Readers 90 Degrees?

For decades, we’ve been sliding our credit and debit cards into ATMs with the shorter side of the card entering the reader. All this while, ID thieves have been… 404 more words

The ATM Apocolypse? Or just surviving Windows 7?

Ten months ago, the hardcore buzz began within the ATM industry. It was September and I was with many colleagues at the 2013 TAG National Conference in New Orleans, ironically I was tasked with presenting an education session on the upcoming initiatives facing ATMs, specifically the expiring of support for Windows XP, looming migration to Windows 7, and the unknown roadmap for future Windows changes that we would all have to prepare for in the next 5-10 years. 911 more words

A good design is worth 1,000 words

Whoever designed the software embedded in this ATM should be embarrassed.  It’s hard to believe that someone coming to withdraw money from an ATM is going to forget the money.   176 more words