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Fighting Hunger

I was inspired by fellow blogger Joe from Spud to Stud and his post on Surviving Hunger. At the end of the post, Joe challenged us to share our strategies on fighting hunger. 829 more words

Weight Loss

#72 Keto-Adapted Diets with Maria Emmerich - http://www.liveto110.com/72-keto-adapted-ketogenic-diets-maria-emmerich/

Maria Emmerich talks to Wendy this week about her new book Keto-Adapted and the benefits of ketogenic diets, also known as low carb/high fat. We met on Jimmy Moore’s Low Carb Cruise and I was really taken by her excellent presentation and all her amazing cookbooks! 12 more words


Not so good so far

I just had a mini binge on potatoes and ice cream, it wasn’t so much but now I feel bad and bloated. I won’t give up, I’ll keep pushing till I’ll reach my goal! 8 more words


Orange juice mono, first day.

Today, 21/08/14, is the first day of this new diet. I’ll try to resist for at least two weeks (till my cousins marriage).
Weight: 64… 31 more words


Is it worth carrying a bottle of beetroot juice in high altitude?

Les dette innlegget på norsk her!

In the cartoon Popeye the sailor man became super-strong after eating spinach. Is it just fiction or is it a scientific explanation behind it? 458 more words


Day 72: Chimp Chump

My 50 pound monkey, is now a chimp, but I can’t help feeling like a chump. I wanted to feel like a champ. I do not. 465 more words

Ideal Protein

20. August 2014

Today was the first day of school and so did I had to stand up at 7 o’clock. Yay!

I was glad I only had three lessons because … 119 more words