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Visiting Paris Part 2: The Worst

Before we left for our trip, a drunk girl told me and my travel mate that even the shitty parts of our trip would be amazing. 717 more words


The Truth Behind a Diet Coke

Well readers, it’s time for post number 3!! And when I say readers, I know they’re aren’t many of you out there who legitimately want to read what I have to say, but addressing my “readers” makes me feel good so just go with it. 439 more words


Monday Morning Motivation

 I do have an obsession with Diet Coke, it’s true. But seriously, nothing is as good at 2PM on a Monday than a nice Diet Coke from WaWa. 184 more words

The end is in sight...

As you may have noticed, today marks the beginning of the home stretch. Tomorrow the countdown will hit single figures (a situation I thought I would never face at the start of this detox), and I will be eagerly awaiting the 31st of July when… 156 more words

Diet Coke

Coke, Israel and Intellectual Honesty.

In London last night it was warm and I went out for dinner, but before ordering my food, I asked our server for a Diet Coke in advance of my meal. 1,480 more words

I think it's time to be honest...

Once again, alcohol got the better of me this weekend. And Sunday ended up being an intense mental struggle against myself.

SPOILER ALERT: I did not cheat. 342 more words

Diet Coke

You > Diet Coke

Me + Diet Coke = Everlasting Love. Seriously… it’s an addiction. I’m not going to post the whole email here, but the other day I sent Gil a note just to tell him how much I love him. 58 more words