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If you like drinking Coca-Cola, and getting caught in the rain...

Another requested post- this time on Coca-Cola! A warning first though: I do drink and like Coca-Cola, and what I write in this post is not meant to scare you or stop you from drinking it (especially with the chemical names), but to inform you. 933 more words

Snacks For Basic Women

Ladies, how basic are you?

Cosmopolitan came out with a list that featured 15 things that Basic B*tches love.

The list included items like:


Is Coke Life the Future of Soft Drinks?

Sugar. It’s pure, white, refined, processed evil.

We consume it every day – and it’s not strictly our fault. In the past, there were no traffic light stickers on packaging to tell us how muchof our RDA of fat, salt and sugar we were getting our food. 688 more words



I’ve wanted some glass jars for ages.

This week I found some amazing glass drinking jar/tankards

They were under £3 and quite large. I’m going to try and make some crushed ice sweet tea coolers at some point but for now it is currently my go-to receptacle for my obligatory diet coke. 18 more words

A soda made of poop!

According to UPI, aspartame is made from “the excrement of genetically modified E. coli bacteria.” That’s right, your diet soda contains poop.

Think about that next time you order a diet soda to feel healthy.

Physical Properties: Density

Before class preparation

In class activity

  • Physical properties of elements

  • Coke vs. Diet Coke…

  • 18 more words

Recurring Sinus Infection

I have been suffering from sinus infections for around 2 years now – on and off.  It is the most horrible thing in the world (not quite – but I like to be dramatic :) ) 719 more words