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European Diet Fad Takes Over Weight Loss Craze

We’ve all just about had it up to our noses with diet fads and gimmicks with promised results of fat loss that somehow never materialize. Most of these are commercialized based on false claims, paired with borderline extreme exercise regimens or just plain don’t work. 320 more words


Signs Your Diet Might Not Be Right For You

If you have recently set a weight loss or fitness goal, you may want to consider whether or not you are using the right plan. Have you already chosen your diet plan? 570 more words

Diet Fads

Why Extreme Diets Are Flawed

The most extreme diet I have heard of is the egg diet, which understandably has serious issues. You aren’t going to get all of the nutrients you need if all you’re eating is eggs, and while it’s low calorie, it’s unrealistic in today’s world. 974 more words

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Clay Doesn't Help You Lose Weight, Sorry

Sorry celebs, clay doesn’t help you lose weight. I know, it has been all the rage. If you eat clay (which obviously isn’t part of a normal diet), it will help you to drink your way to skinny. 335 more words

Weight Loss Lifestyle

Making Bread & Embracing Gluten

I love making bread.

I savor the sensory experience of the whole process: transforming a mass of dough into a smooth pliable ball by kneading it with my hands and then watching it rise, its sweet yeasty aroma wafting through my kitchen.  1,676 more words

Beware of Diet Fads

Diets are basically eating habits that people switch to so they can lose body fat. Unfortunately, these fads are only temporary and will not work for long term. 397 more words