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Jennifer Sygo: Diet books you can trust? Gimmick-free? Yes, it's possible, and here are two prime examples

For the past two years, I’ve been working on a book. The final product, titled Unmasking Superfoods, is now in wide release. While the road from concept to completion was long and at times daunting, I actually enjoyed the process more than I expected to, and the things I discovered changed the way I look at food. 1,050 more words


Raw vs Cooked Vegetables

Many new diets make claims that raw food, particularly vegetables, is better for you based on the assumption that our ancestors evolved to eat food that way and cooking destroys some of the nutrients.  1,046 more words


AN OPEN LETTER TO MEHMET OZ….Spoonfuls of Vinegar and Raspberry Ketones do not a Healthy Person Make!




Dear Dr. Oz,

You have made some ridiculous statements regarding nutrition in the past, claiming that 4 tsp of vinegar/day could prevent or reverse diabetes,  and promoting a “miracle supplement” called garcinia cambogia,  but your information touting the use of a supplement called raspberry ketones as a “miracle fat burner in a bottle” takes the proverbial cake. 1,152 more words

An Unpopular Opinion: I'm a Vegetarian, But I Don't Think Everyone Should Be

Why am I a vegetarian? Don’t I want everyone to be a vegetarian?

Well, I’ll tell you. And no. Hear me out.

I already started off not being a fan of steak or pork. 2,080 more words


The answer we've all been looking for!

That’s it! I’ve found it! The answer to my prayers! The missing link in my routine! The short cut!

Yeah, you’ve said it, and if you haven’t… One day you will. 848 more words


How to find the facts about the latest diet trends

Everyone wants to be health and happy, and so many of us equate that with eating healthy, but aren’t quite sure what that means. So, we look to others for guidance, but how can we be sure their advice is good advice? 865 more words