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Isagenix is not for me

Ok, maybe that’s a strong statement.  It MAY not be for me.

You see, I hear all the success stories – including my own sister – people who have lost 10-20-40 pounds doing the 30 day Isagenix system.   837 more words


The Wizardry of Dr. Oz’s Own Words – General Healthy – Khanna On Health Blog

Check out these  two articles.  This is where some nutrition and diet misinformation comes from and  there is enough of that to go around for everyone. 22 more words

Diet And Disease

Watching Scary Movies Burns 200 Calories!?

Telegraph reported that a new study research released by University of Westminster says that watching 90 minutes of movie can burn up to 180 calories. Almost 200 calories is like burning a bar of chocolate! 364 more words


Crazy Fad Diets

Do you want to start a fad diet? Think again.

The Breatharianism

There is a group of people who claim that they know the solution to these diseases related to food and this is to stop eating. 881 more words

Diet Fads

The Umami Diet For Weight Loss

Sweet, salty, sour, these are all tastes you have heard about, but you may not have heard about umami, the 5th unofficial taste that is typically associated with meats, mushrooms, cheeses, and cooked tomatoes. 164 more words

Easy Dieting Tips

The Vegan Before 6 Diet

You may have heard, vegan diets can actually promote healthy lifestyles and help you to lose weight at the same time. However, it can also be incredibly difficult when you really get a grasp of how many things that you will be giving up. 378 more words

Diet Fads

Does Salt Fight Fat?

If there’s a food, there’s a fad. Even salt has been described as a magical way to lose weight. Of course, there are those who suggest cutting salt out of your diet to lose weight, because it can cause you to retain water, but could salt really melt away your love handles? 162 more words

Diet Fads