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Diet Predjudice

I wanted to write this piece because lately I have been having a few experiences with people being slightly “unpleasant” towards the fact that I am on a diet. 1,982 more words

Healthy Eating

How to Give the Devil a Black Eye

This is one of my favorite quotes of all time. When life throw it’s toughest punches, it’s human instinct to punch back. However, the best reaction is not always your first reaction. 165 more words


Surviving Phase 2 on the Fast Metabolism Diet

I thought I would write some phase specific tips on how to get through each phase of the FMD. I will start with phase 2 as this seems to be the hardest phase for everyone. 1,615 more words

Fast Metabolism Diet

Do What You Can

We all have excuses why we can’t do certain things, or we why we are down on our luck, but we often act paralyzed when we really are just simply limited.  278 more words


Just One More Time

I think of all the people who have tried to get fit for YEARS and failed. THEN, they decide to join one more gym, do one more boot camp, hire one more trainer, try one more diet program, take one more class, do one more fitness program, join one more support group, try one more time – and they SUCCEED! 194 more words


Holi-Day 2


So I had another successful day sticking to the plan and eating clean on this winter getaway. Today I went to a local wildlife park and spent a few hours walking round patting a feeding all sorts of animals including lions, wallaby’s, goats, llamas and pigs. 764 more words

Fast Metabolism Diet