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Comfort eating: a vicious and guilty circle

Feeling particularly chubby today and naturally craving chocolate – for the first time since I decided to curb my sugar habit 2 weeks ago.

Scrolling through Facebook just now was not a good move. 65 more words


Cream in my brownie

Cream in my brownie… Cream egg that is. Dirty minds. Anyway, these are absolutely insane and my friends LOVED them. It’s super easy to make as well because I used a Betty Crocker box mix for the brownie mixture. 97 more words


When My Coach Programs My Favorite WOD On My Rest Day http://ift.tt/1jWfZJ5


Day 20 - Weekly Weigh in

Life has been busy lately having so many social events everyday, hence the lack of posts, which also meant I haven’t kept to my diet unfortunately.


Easter Sunday - Half Marathon Training Biggest Loser

Typically on Easter Sunday, I would go home or to a friends house and fill my body with God knows how many calories. But, I said no no to that this Easter. 115 more words

Weight Loss

How to increase your metabolism

People seem to believe that they either have a slow metabolism or a fast metabolism and that it doesn’t change. This is false information, everyone can speed up their metabolism to speed up the weight loss process. 108 more words