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Menopause Monday #3

Sage Tea, Fresh Mint & Smoothies

Hi all,
I’ve continued with the sage tea plan. Boy, you get through leaves quickly!

I’m now completely used to the taste of safe on its own. 167 more words


The Obelix Curse...

Well it is winter in Cape Town which means darkness and rain and that equals depression, especially if you go to gym (because you don’t want to ride outside in the rain) and weigh yourself. 517 more words


July 27

I want to crash, I want to wreck, I want to be in the hospital for weeks. This is how I feel after i saw my ex tonight I hung out with him for 2 hours after work. 428 more words

Fistful of nuts!

Although we tend to think of nuts as snack foods, they are great sources of protein, vitamins and minerals. But moderation is key. Nuts can be addictive. 26 more words


Freeletics Coach: Week 5

Week 5 wasn’t too bad… but sometime this week I attended the Pure and Lean webinar. It basically said and charted that while calorie counting and a 1200 calorie diet may work at the start, you have decreased your metabolic rate by starving your body. 272 more words


Where did she go?

I can’t believe it’s been almost a month still I last wrote a post! I’ve had a lot to think about, had school holidays for the first born, and been away! 449 more words