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Do You Know Your #Cholesterol? Be Aware..

What is Cholesterol?

Cholesterol is a fatty substance known as a lipid and is vital for the normal functioning of the body. It is mainly made by the liver but can also be found in some foods. 501 more words


Nicolette Pace Maps out Top Metabolism Boosters For CBS NY

Keeping pace with a slowing metabolism may come with the territory when it comes to aging but it doesn’t have to be that way. There are ways to boost a sluggish metabolism and gain an edge over calorie burning, improve muscle performance and fight belly fat while achieving hormonal and mental balance.  167 more words

Healthy Eating

Food Review – I Quit Sugar: Week 4

Week 4 can only be described as a failure of epic proportions. I think there were two, perhaps three, key issues that contributed to this – the first was a small kitchen fire that meant we no longer have an oven, the second was that it was my first week back at college and the third was my Dad’s return from a European holiday. 584 more words

Gluten Free

Having your cake and NOT eating it!

I knew today would be difficult as it’s a birthday at work and not just any old birthday but a very good friends birthday.  Of course there would be cake, chocolates and a lots of other goodies to tempt me off the road to slimness.  440 more words


71 Delicious, Healthy Beef Stew Recipesphoto source:…

71 Delicious, Healthy Beef Stew Recipes

photo source: http://www.luicucina.com


I Need To Hit The Gym, I’m Suddenly A Stay At Home Dad With A Gut

When the kids go back to school in September, I plan on going back to the gym. I am fat, my gut is bigger than it’s ever been and I look terrible. 117 more words


Looking for some healthy lunch ideas? Here are 12 healthy lunch…

Looking for some healthy lunch ideas? Here are 12 healthy lunch recipes under 200 calories… #6 tastes seriously delish! 12 more words