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Low Fat Chickpea Hummus 低脂鷹嘴豆蓉




I have made a protein-packed breakfast this morning with chickpea hummus on flax seed bread. The crunchy cucumber and fresh tomato have added some layers to the texture. 117 more words


Keeping Up Appearances: How Solving My External Faults Exposed A Bigger Internal Struggle

I had a burger the other night. It was from kinda upmarket fast-food mini-chain Five Guys in Islington. And it was OK. Not good but definitely not bad. 1,405 more words

9 Healthy, Flourless Chocolate Cakes Recipes: http://ift.tt/1zECauo

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Rejuvenate with Yin Yang Water!

Yin and Yang water sounds very zen magical, but the master who told me this idea was actually my mom. Called 음양탕 (Eum-yang-tang) in Korean, Yin Yang water is made with one simple ingredient: … 697 more words



Calories – 1222

Steps – 6639

Calories Burned – 2110

Total grams – carbohydrate – 71

Total grams – fat – 83

Total grams – protein – 76

Total weight loss – 58 lbs

The impact MS has on the bladder and bowel

Since my diagnosis a year ago I spent most of last year in hospital. Throughout my time in hospital and the relapses one after another. I found that the MS had a huge effect on my bodily functions. 210 more words