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I Want to Be Healthy....Because I Love Her

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I have struggled with weight problems all of my life. I’ve never been at a healthy weight, and I’m well acquainted with all of the negative issues that come along with weight problems….medical problems, insecurities, relationship struggles and more. 764 more words

Chelsea Mccafferty

Whole30 - Day 30!

Well folks, it’s day 30 and I made it! There have been times over the last month when I wasn’t sure that I could see it through but I did. 249 more words


Lemon Aide

The tangy taste of a sour lemons that makes our mouth pucker. This is something we all can relate too. For a fruit that tastes so sour, it really has amazing health benefits. 145 more words


How did you enter the world of fitness? via /r/Fitness

What was your reason to start working out?

What was your first workout like?

What areas of your life except health and physical appearance did fitness affect the most and how? 12 more words


How to Say Hello to Your Thin Self: Ready to lose weight and feel healthier? Here’s 15 easy steps to boost your metabolism. I always do #3! 12 more words


Novelty for a gourmet or how to cook "kalitki".

Hello, my friend-readers! In this article I want to share with you an old recipe of national Karelian (northwestern Russia) dish which is called kalitki. Kalitki are little pies filled with mashed potatoes or porridge. 210 more words


15 Ways to Burn Extra Calories: Simple ways to burn extra calories everyday… http://ift.tt/1pLFu5m

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