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This Reminds Me Of The China Study

New research on milk…

I highly recommend you read The China Study if you haven’t already. It’s isn’t a new book by now but everything in it is current and there is a lot in it! 14 more words

Be Careful Who You Listen To!

Tasty winter dishes for a hearty soul!

Eating a balanced and healthy diet is important for all over body health. As winter draws in and the temperature drops its tempting to  sway to the comfort foods. 1,027 more words


Sea salt vs. table salt: What's the difference?

Although sea salt and table salt are equal in terms of the amount of sodium they contain by weight, there are differences.

Table salt: Comes from a mine; trace minerals are eliminated in processing; has anti-caking additives to make it free-flowing; must have potassium iodide added, thus “iodized” salt, which helps prevent a thyroid condition called goiter; often has sugar added to prevent the potassium iodide from breaking down into iodine, which evaporates away. 266 more words



Hello everyone! Today I would like to share the tips which helped me to loose weight :)

1. Plan your meals. This helped me A LOT. 93 more words


RECIPE - syn free super speed hash browns

These hash browns are delicious, syn free and contain 3 super speed veggies to get that metabolism going!

1 small potato grated
1 small carrot grated (super speed) 90 more words

Slimming World

The final few

I had my usual session with Trevor on Sunday morning. After my warm-up on the bike, I spent 12 minutes on the treadmill:

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Let's Be Raw: Part 2

I ended part 1 of “Let’s Be Raw” by expressing how I had to stop feeling guilty for a minute to take care of me.  After practically 18 months (9 during the pregnancy and 9 postpartum) of inactivity, I was so unhappy with my muscle loss and weight gain that I knew I had to do something about it. 131 more words