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Week 1 - Boxing with myself (with Jenny C. on my side)

I have lost four pounds after my first week with Jenny Craig. I am obviously very happy, and I also need to take a minute to look at how I did it, so when I’m done losing the weight, I can continue the habits that I started this week. 343 more words


Doing What Works Best - Journal Entry 151


Week 5

11/15 – 178.4lbs – 2200 calories – 5100 steps – 2.5 miles – Chest

11/16 – 179.4lbs – 1750 calories – 7500 steps – 3.77 miles – Back… 1,056 more words


Week 22

This week was quite event-free.
The one thing I should mention though is that I aborted the “50 Days without swets until Christmas” thing. Not entirely I still don’t wanna consume too much ir anything but I don’t wanna have to say no to every small bit I am offered. 196 more words


End of Day Ninety-two (If I'd been carrying on daily blogging)

This is my first update in months everyone, and I’m sorry for that but my life is just too busy to keep daily blogging but don’t worry- I break up for christmas soon and my blog will be back up and running with blogs most days, including my daily intake on CHRISTMAS DAY. 200 more words

Daily Updates

True Life: I'm Addicted to Fitness

Friday night in New York at 1030, I’m walking out of the gym from my final session of the day. Reverse back to noon when I walked in for my first gym session, then let’s fast forward a bit to my 430 bartending shift. 296 more words


SUPER fat burning!

Hello consumer, are you overweight?

Are you tired of all those pesky diets telling you that you need to “count calories,” “pay attention to your nutrients,” and “be accountable for your dieting choices?!”  Well Dr. 717 more words


First steps are the hardest...

They say that first steps are always the hardest, but it’s not true, first steps are easy. It’s the second, third and fourth steps that are more difficult. 582 more words