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Not so sweet

Pretty much anytime you read or hear about exercise as a means to a healthy life, nutrition is mentioned next. They certainly go hand in hand. 816 more words

My Story

God Answers

You know I’ve been praying to God for directions in life and I get answers along the way. I wouldn’t have noticed them the last time but now it’s more apparent to me… Maybe because of age and maturity? 183 more words


I Think It Was Worth It





I just got my first commission check. I’m on the way to building my wealth to invest in my business endeavors, and ItWorks helped me do that. 19 more words

Finding balance

I read a post on Instagram last night about finding balance with your food to prevent over eating, food anxiety, restriction, guilt etc. I found it really eye opening, all I want in life is to be happy with my body. 404 more words

The Atkins Diet is (sigh) B.S.

The late, great DOCTOR Atkins (unlike that douchebag Dr. Phil he really was a medical doctor) was truly a visionary. Eat butter, steak, bacon in massive quantities AND lose weight in the process? 307 more words


Facts Not Fads- Select Published Articles Book

Check out an ebook I published called “Facts not Fads.” It includes published articles I have written for yahoo.com on health, training, supplements, and diets. It has been read by thousands of people. 36 more words


Zo-Om Media

One occasionally dubious joy of exercising in a commercially run gym is the fact that these days they are fully wired for sound. And video too. 635 more words