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The Power of Positivity

There is a difference between the words “when” and “if”, personally, i have gotten into the habit of correcting myself and saying “when”, why? Well this simple word change allows me to psychologically force myself to change or make changes, by telling myself over and over that it will happen i am more likely to do it, in the psychology world this is referred to as a “self-fulfilling prophecy”, now for any Harry Potter lovers out there you probably know what a prophecy is, but just in case, to clear the air of any confusion, a prophecy is a foretelling or prediction of what is to come. 135 more words


January 30th - Ten Pounds Down, Twenty to go!

I lost ten pounds this month! That is more than I had expected! But I definitely need the momentum.
Between Matt measuring out exact portions at dinner and P90X3 I am really starting to feel good. 332 more words

Tips For Cutting Fat

  1. Eat oranges instead of drinking OJ
  2. Leave the skin on fruits when possible
  3. Eat raw fruits instead of fruit juices to obtain more nutrients
  4. Eat more dark, leafy, green, vegetables…
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Bikini Competitor

Why We Do This.

Remember that this isn’t just about losing weight — that’s the part that shows. ¬†Following this faithfully will lower your cholesterol. And if studies are to be believed, calorie restriction will help you to live longer and grow new brain cells. ¬† 334 more words

2:5 Diet

Anger management

I find myself becoming more upset than usual these days. This seems a bit surprising because I haven’t been upset regularly in several years. I was in a relationship years ago with a person whose temperament completely clashed with mine. 229 more words

The saga of the weight loss. Again.

Yesterday, the last day of January, I began my diet and exercise regime in earnest. Having slipped over the 70 kg mark again I thought it time to curtail my exuberant eating and drinking and visit the gym. 644 more words


Should you be taking pre-workout supplements

Whether your bulking, shredding or toning, unless your superwoman, there comes a point where diet and exercise alone can only take you so far towards reaching your goals. 906 more words