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Clean eating is Confusing

Hey all! First post in my blog and I wanted to start by talking about diet.  I would still consider my diet as a work-in-progress as I am still figuring out what works from me.   642 more words


A wedding do

I went to a lovely friends wedding do last night. She looked beautiful. They make a gorgeous couple.
I danced the night away! Did have some if the yummy buffet. 36 more words

Energizing 3 Day Liquid Detox

Last month, in preparation for my birthday weekend in Los Angeles, I tried everything to get in beach ready shape. I stopped eating carbs, I cut out dairy & condiments (If you’ve ever eaten a meal with me, you know I come equipped with an artillery of condiments.),  and was hitting the gym 7 days a week. 557 more words


Day 12: TGIF

So glad it is Friday & the week is over!

My Mood:

This morning I woke up 45 min earlier than normal. I did some stuff around the house & when I weighted myself I had dropped 1.5lbs – really .7 from my lowest number so far. 112 more words


April 18, 2014

The problem with me is that I turn to food/drinks as a self medication.  Feel sad?  Drink a coke.  Feel sleepy?  Drink a coke.  Feeling excited?  271 more words

Big Mac

I Got the Black Lung, Pa...

Why do over-the-counter medications drug you more than the prescription stuff doctors give you? I took some no-name brand decongestant and now I’m all kinds of loopy. 132 more words