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What it's all about

Hi there everybody who may or (mostlikely) may not be looking at this blog.

My name is Morgan and I thought it was time that I make a blog that is, what is so grossly called, ‘proana’ blog. 229 more words

Mental Health

Updates and the Like

Hey, there! So, I have a whole bunch of updates, thoughts, and other things I would like to share with you guys, so let’s get to it! 471 more words


The Weight Loss Supplements That Really Work

The Weight Loss Supplements That Really Work Dieting can be a slow process. At times it can be so slow that it almost seems as if there is no progress made at all. 145 more words

Be a Video Game Character

Star Wars Podracer for the N64.

Remember that game?  You could choose from any number of different racers, and each one of them had a bunch of different attributes like acceleration/turning/etc.   402 more words


Weight Loss with MS – Day 70 – 152.9kg / 337.1lbs

Well my weight stayed the same, which is a victory in my eyes!

Seem familiar? Yeah… to me too, deja vu.

Today was a rest day, pure rest day that I just spent relaxing and resting my tired body. 134 more words

Weight Loss

The Dirty Dozen

Thanks to all of you who have sent comments on my posts as it certainly keeps me motivated. Well, motivated to keep posting. My motivation to be 100% on plan regarding my diet, well, that is a bit more challenging. 448 more words


Week 5 - The Christmas ham on the hook

I missed writing last week (down half a pound), and this week I was down 1.2 pounds; total for five weeks is 7.7 pounds.  I have gone from a deluxe muffin top to a reduced-fat muffin top, and when I run with Paco, I don’t get as winded.   343 more words