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Have the Feds Made School Food Worse with Government-Approved Junk?

Last week I attended the School Nutrition Association’s annual meeting in Boston, a gathering of the nation’s school food service workers. While most of the… 607 more words

The Fat Diet: How Information Overload is Making Us Gain Weight

Paleo. Vegetarianism. Raw veganism. Macrobiotics. Blood Type. The list of endless diets claiming to be “the best” roam shelves of every bookstore begging you to scour through them or healthy titles flash across your computer screens yearning for you to click and digest. 425 more words


Lea Michele's Summer of Butt 'Selfies:' See Her Beach Bum in (Insta) Action

If you follow Lea Michele on Instagram, you know the star is in great shape — and proud of it. The actress’s overshare of choice this summer has been snaps of her butt in itty-bitty bikinis, and below, we’ve got the photo grid to prove it. 213 more words


Eating More Fruits and Vegetables Doesn't Help You Lose Weight, Study Says

The research, published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, reviewed studies that looked at fruit and vegetable consumption and weight gain, and concluded that simply eating more doesn’t doesn’t slim waistlines. 225 more words

Yogurt Could Lower Your Blood Pressure: New Study

Bacteria aren’t the first allies we turn to for staying healthy – there are enough strains that can cause serious illness, after all – but there’s growing evidence that certain strains of the bugs can actually be good for your health, and may even relieve symptoms of inflammatory conditions, … 293 more words

Eat Umami, Eat Less

If you’re feeling unsatisfied after a meal, perhaps wasn’t flavorful enough. A new study suggests that the taste umami may actually make you feel more full and satisfied. 241 more words

3 Ways to Kick Your White-Bread Habit

Some of my clients wouldn’t touch white bread, rice, or pasta with a 10-foot pole, while others just can’t seem to make the switch to whole-grain alternatives. 755 more words