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5 Signs Your House is Making You Fat

Aside from work, you spend most of your hours at home. And it should function as a respite from the lure of the fast food joint on every corner, or the ease of buying a candy bar from the vending machine. 685 more words

7 High-Protein Snacks You Can Eat on the Go

The difference between a snack that has staying power and one that leaves you hungry an hour later? Protein. This nutrient is a hunger-busting powerhouse because it slows digestion and keeps blood sugar steady, and research shows protein helps keep cravings at bay. 688 more words

Here's the Good-Bad News About Trans Fats

We’re eating less trans fat than we did 30 years ago, but we haven’t cut it by enough. A new study in The Journal of the American Heart Association… 214 more words

Should I Eat Cheese?

Welcome to Should I Eat This?—our weekly poll of five experts who answer nutrition questions that gnaw at you.

4/5 experts say yes.

Science types are a rational folk. 412 more words

Authors Of The Last Study Backing Dr. Oz's "Magic Weight Loss Cure" Retract Their Research

The study that supports the use of green coffee bean extract for weight loss and was promoted in Dr. Oz’s Show as the “Magic weight loss cure”, has been retracted by its authors. 83 more words

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Why Receipts and Greasy Fingers Shouldn’t Mix

An order of French fries may be bad for your health in ways that extend well beyond the outsize calorie count. According to a new study… 735 more words

There Are Antibiotics In Your Fish

When we think about food raised with antibiotics, we probably picture oversized chickens and plumped-up cows. But they’re also in our fish—both farmed and wild, finds a new… 437 more words