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You Asked: Is Coffee Bad For You?

“I gave up coffee” is a refrain of the health conscious. But should it be? The idea that coffee is a dangerous, addictive stimulant springs mostly from 1970s- and 1980s-era studies that tied the drink to higher rates of cancer and heart disease, explains Dr. 531 more words

Want Jennifer Aniston's Super-Toned Arms? Here's What You Need to Know Straight from Her Yoga Instructor

We all know the secret behind Jennifer Aniston‘s great hair — Living Proof products and her stylist Chris McMillan. As for her amazing body (reminder, she’s 45), it’s all about her frequent yoga practices. 349 more words


Can't Stick to That Diet? Blame Your Gut Bacteria

Your willpower may not be entirely to blame for your eating habits — your gut bacteria may be responsible, too.

The gut microbiome, the collection of all the microbes in our digestive tracts, may influence our food choices and behavior, suggests a new study that recently appeared in the journal… 273 more words

9 Sandwich Ingredients That Are Healthy—Or Super Bad For You

When I talk to my clients about their favorite meals, many will say, “Well, I love a good sandwich.” I get it. There’s just something very satisfying about picking up your lunch with both hands and biting in. 1,027 more words

Weight loss fun facts

To lose a pound of fat (not water weight). You have to cut/burn 3500 calories.

If you are a 150lb person who runs maybe 4 miles a day on average your body would require 2000 calories a day to maintain (150*10= 1,500 cals if you do nothing) + (approx 120 cals burned in 1 mile running * 4 miles) = around 2000 calories. 102 more words

5k Training

Fiber: Fact vs Fiction


A high fiber diet has been proven to have a number of health benefits:

  1. Lower risk of cancer
  2. Lower risk of diabetes
  3. Lower risk of heart disease…
  4. 264 more words
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Jennifer Lopez's 'Natural Booty' Gets Front-and-Center Display in Promo for New Single

Jennifer Lopez‘s famous backside may, in fact, be getting better with age. Need proof? Check out the promo shot for her latest single, aptly titled “Booty.” … 205 more words