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14 Fad Diets You Shouldn't Try

Dubious diets

Every day it seems a new diet is ready to make weight loss faster and easier than ever before. Or at least they say they are. 1,613 more words

Zebra: The New Red Meat

If you’re looking for the leanest source of animal protein, you can now add zebra meat to your diet. It has one-tenth the fat of beef (zebra has 0.5g per 100g), making it leaner than chicken, and 35 grams of protein per serving. 220 more words

Probiotics Primer: What Science Says About Using Bacteria to Treat Disease

After training ourselves for so long to avoid bacteria — they’re responsible for serious illnesses, some of which can be life-threatening — it may be time to re-think microbes. 812 more words

6 Veggies You Only Think You Don't Like

Brussels sprouts, broccoli, beets—yuck! Not so fast. Using a different cooking technique can totally transform the vegetables you thought you hated into mouthwatering sides you’ll want to make again and again. 741 more words

Helen Mirren Works Out for 12 Minutes a Day, Says She's Retired Her Bikini

Helen Mirren turns 68 Saturday, and she’s making a conscious decision to pick up her exercise routine. The actress, who looks stunning in a gorgeous red carpet gown… 362 more words


8 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism Right Now

Feel like your metabolism is stuck in slo-mo? Coaxing your body to burn calories more efficiently doesn’t require daily Spinning sessions or hours at the weight rack (though being in shape and building more muscle definitely helps). 915 more words

My brother in law has glomerulonephritis. Can he eat quinoa?

I have no experience with quinoa.  I suggest that you consult with a nutritionist and dietitian about this grain.

For general information about diet and chronic kidney disease please click here

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